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“He dies in the end. There is no more classic way to sell the clout of a film. The magazine slate just published his list of the 50 most memorable deaths in literature. It is not limited to the cinema: the children of Médée, Hamlet, Macbeth and the little prince of Saint-Exupéry are among the illustrious victims.

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The list isn’t overloaded with disclosure warnings, of course. Even if you don’t want to know if Fantine survives in pathetic, I do not advise you to continue reading. I thought as I went through the list The Sorpasso, with Vittorio Gassman and Jean-Louis Trintignant, which I saw recently. Dino Risi’s film would not have had this tone at all without the tragic death of the Trintignant character at the end.

The Sorpasso is not on Slate’s list, which is mostly American when it comes to movies.

It’s obviously about the murder of Marion Crane (Janet Leigh). psychology by Hitchcock. The haunting music of Bernard Herrmann, the shadow of Norman Bates through the shower curtain, the water turning to blood. And this sudden and unexpected disappearance in the middle of the story.

The deaths in a bloodbath of Bonnie and Clyde in Arthur Penn’s film and that of Thelma and Louise in Ridley Scott’s film, holding hands in a Thunderbird soaring into the void from the top of the Grand Canyon, were also captured by Slate. Just like Radio Raheem’s, who was strangled by the police do the right thingSpike Lee’s masterpiece.

In the margin of the main text is an additional list dedicated to five memorable death scenes in three gangster films. The bullet-riddled murder of Sonny Corleone (the late James Caan) at a freeway tollbooth The Godfather by Coppola. The ones in the same film of Virgil Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey being killed point-blank by Michael Corleone in a restaurant.

Without forgetting the scene of Fredo (John Cazale, who has only acted in great films). The Godfather Part II, who, after his infamous kiss of death, pays the price for his brother Michael’s betrayal during a fishing trip. Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) bleeds to death on a carpet Goodfellas by Scorsese, the same day he is to become an official member of Cosa Nostra in retaliation for his murder of Billy Batts, also on the charts.


Remy Girard and Pierre Curzi in Barbarian invasions

What memorable deaths shaped Quebec cinema? The one of Rita Toulouse (Anne Létourneau) in the plane explosion came to mind Crime by Ovide Plouffe by Denys Arcand, inspired by a message. And that of Rémy Girard, simply stunning, who succumbed to cancer after welcoming his loved ones to the chalet Barbarian invasions by Arkand.

I thought of the suicide pact of the two hermits (Rémy Girard and Gilbert Sicotte).It was raining birds by Louise Archambault and those of the teenagers (Pascale Bussières and Marcia Pilote) by sonatina by Micheline Lanctôt, who falls asleep forever on the Montreal subway. I thought about the suicide spree of 17-year-old boys at the start of the poignant one Everything is perfect by Yves Christian Fournier.

in the The Last Engagement by Jean Pierre Lefebvre, Armand and Rose, a couple for 50 years, decide to die together after Armand’s heart attack. “I know you’re going to have to die someday,” Rose told him. But it’s not fair that one of us goes ahead of the other. »

One of the most shocking deaths in Quebec cinema is that of Boyer (Julien Poulin), in the party by Pierre Falardeau. Sent to the hole while his girlfriend (Lou Babin) is invited to sing on the prison stage, he sticks a blade in his wrist while she sings The heart is a bird by Desjardins.

A character played by Julien Poulin dies of asphyxiation on stage in a much more burlesque tone overalls too narrow, pure Elvis Gratton by Poulin and Falardeau. “Looks like he still lives there in his beautiful costume,” his wife Linda said in front of his coffin at the funeral home.

Death by hanging of Chevalier de Lorimier (Luc Picard). February 15, 1839 the same Falardeau finds himself in my price list after the heartbreaking farewell to his mistress (Sylvie Drapeau). And at the suggestion of a friend, Picard’s comical debt collector character who unexpectedly dies on a snowmobile weed by Louis Bélanger (whose excellent post mortem was all about death).

There is, even in the snowmobile, the distinctive character embodied by Claude Blanchard gina by Denis Arcand. Hit by a snowblower while being chased a muscle car about a stripper (Céline Lomez) who wants revenge on her rapists. There’s that of Monica la Grapeshot (Céline Bonnier), who at the end of a close-range pursuit is killed in her car by a police officer while her accomplice (Roy Dupuis) ​​flees.

Quebec cinema also has its classics dead. That of Albert (Roger Lebel) in A zoo at night by Jean-Claude Lauzon after his son invited him to an elephant hunt at Granby Zoo. That of the 15-year-old teenager whose coffin Benoît goes to fetch with his uncle Antoine in Claude Jutra’s most famous film. That of the character of Guy (Germain Houde) being driven to suicide by Manon Goodbye forever by Franz Mankiewicz.

In my memory there is no more heartbreaking death in our cinema than the accidental death of Cléo in The Tuque Warthat shaped my childhood so much.

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