boop | Ambitious and impressive ★★★½

Witnessing strange phenomena, OJ and his sister Emerald suspect that a UFO is hiding in a cloud and sucking in living creatures.

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Martin Gignac
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In just two films, Jordan Peele has become the new master of suspense and horror. A title confirmed by the long-awaited boop (well no in French, what a ridiculous translation!), which also flirts with science fiction and westerns.

The introduction immediately piques curiosity with the destructive effects of an invisible entity and the appearance of a disruptive monkey. Then… next to nothing, the filmmaker takes his time (probably too much) to present and develop his many challenges, and sprinkles it all with sometimes unnecessary outbursts and uneven touches of humor. We are far from the effectiveness of its precedents Us and especially from go out which earned him the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

However, this allows him to gradually increase the tension before letting it explode in a particularly satisfying second part. The director not only multiplies the moments of terror, bravery and emotion, but also uses the imagination to present this flying object that looks like nothing else. independence Day can get dressed.

In contrast to his previous offers and his collaboration on the screenplay of the very successful remake of candy man, Jordan Peele did not put social considerations first. Rather, it’s the people who are there, be it that brother (Daniel Kaluuya, Oscar winner for Judas and the Black Messiah), who communicates mostly through her sad look, or this talkative sister (singer Keke Palmer), who often gets a laugh. A particularly lovable duo that puts the other characters to shame, including the person with a troubled past played by Steven Yeun (Minari, combustion).

Ambitious at will, boop remains the most impressive feature film by its author on a cinematic level. Whether at twilight or after dark, the photography of Hoyte van Hoytema – known for his work with Christopher Nolan – is impressive, as is the great care that is given to the sound.

Jordan Peele just offered to play in the flowerbeds of Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan boop one of the most unique and entertaining experiences of the summer. Watch more than once to catch all the subtleties.

No (VF: Well no)


boop (VF: well no)

Jordan Peele

Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun

2:11 p.m


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