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In 2017, shortly after presenting her first bilingual number at a comedy night in Gatineau, Rachelle Elie attended a show by François Bellefeuille at the Salle Odyssée, where Quebec’s stars stop laughing during their visit to the Outaouais. . ‘And I then like, ‘Holy cow ! 900 people in the same room to see a comedian!” There was a Hollywood in Quebec and I didn’t even know it! »

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Rachelle Elie pronounces her first name the French way and not like the Jennifer Aniston character in friends. And although a touch of English accent colors her sentences when she speaks Yvon Deschamps’ language, the comedian has mastered French since childhood.

The daughter of an American mother and a Haitian father who left her country for the United States to study at Cornell University, known simply as Rash by her relatives (“As in eruption, yes!”), was born in Toronto but went to French school there until 5e Year.

After studying theater in Vancouver, then in Lennoxville, she quickly realized that in the Canadian metropolis she was surrounded by young actresses who, like her, played waitresses in restaurants while waiting for a conclusive and life-saving audition. Then she turns to them stand upwhen you embrace your inner nature.

I didn’t actually want to be a comedian, I just had that in me, and sometimes it was even too much. I say it on the show, and it’s not really a joke that I got kicked out of the circle parties house, so I was always trying to make everyone laugh.

Rachelle Elie

But when she became pregnant with her first son in the early 2000s, she left the Toronto circuit comedy clubsthen unfriendly to women, still less to young mothers.

“The environment wasn’t positive,” she recalls. It was in basements, people smoked, it always happened heckler [des chahuteurs]. You had to put up with guys who only talked about porn and masturbation. »

Rachelle quickly reconnects with the stage by birthing the zany character of Joe, an affable loser with salt-and-pepper hair and a toothless smile, whom she met during a clowning workshop with Philippe Gaulier, the intimidating professor of Sacha Baron Cohen (borate). She’ll be carrying it around in various alternative scenes across Canada.

“But after doing Joe for eight years, I realized I didn’t want to play a man my whole life. I wanted to see shows stand up and it bothered me not to hear women, not to hear my voice. I had a responsibility to myself and to women: ever since I had the ability stand upi had to do something stand up. »

finds his family

Combining the show she presents with Val Belzil, the variety night she hosts (the Rag Bag Cabaret), and her various appearances on other posters, Rachelle Elie is the artist with the most stage time in the current Zoofest program . She will also be at Phil Roy and Roxane Bruneau’s Just for Laughs gala on Thursday and Erich Preach’s big outdoor party on Friday.

After years of struggling in the Toronto and Ottawa scenes, the dazzling 53-year-old blonde – who lives in the capital with her gynecologist husband and their two sons – has apparently found her eldorado in Quebec. His round trips from Ottawa to Montreal are increasing.

“I used to join Just For Laughs but just to watch shows,” she jokes. It’s really difficult for English speaking Canadians who don’t live in Los Angeles to get invited to a Just For Laughs gala. But in the brothel [où elle joue souvent], it was like being a family member on day one. »

Endowed with a relentless flair for repartee reminiscent of Joan Rivers, Rachelle Elie inhabits the stage with a rare appeal that is a testament to both her sheer charisma and long experience on the mic. Shit, I’m in love with you againan album of cheeky songs and short, assorted monologues, released last January, contains valuable advice for living a fulfilling life as a couple, such as having fun before you go to a restaurant with your partner (fuck first), and not afterwards if you risk being too bloated to perform.

“When you come to the show with your partner and don’t have sex afterwards show, I’ll give you your money back,” she sometimes jokes on stage. Why ? “Because a lot of couples don’t talk about sex. Divorces happen all the time just because couples stop communicating. But when they come off my show all taboos are broken, they just have no choice but to talk to each other. »

The 30/30 by Rachelle Elie and Val BelzilJuly 20th and 23rd at the Cabaret du 4e of the Monument National

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