The New Life of Jeanick Fournier

Since winning the show’s top honors Canada’s Got TalentLiving at a hundred miles an hour, Jeanick Fournier is enjoying every moment of her new status as an artist signed to a record label.

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“It’s going fast,” the Saguenay singer replies over the phone as he begins the protocol asks him how his life has been since his coronation on national television.

During our interview, just before an open-air concert at the Agora du Port de Québec, the 50-year-old performer was about to leave the small apartment she shares with her two children with Down syndrome to move into a rented house to move to Chicoutimi.

“I also travel extensively in Montreal, have many great experiences, participate in TV shows and meet extraordinary people. It’s going really well,” says the one who even made the time to go to Quebec last week to see the Maroon 5 show at the summer festival.

“It was my only day off. I stumbled. »

In the studio

Recording a first album takes up most of Jeanick Fournier’s time, who signed with Universal Music Canada after the finale Canada’s Got Talent.

Not knowing what to reveal or what not to reveal, the singer is stingy with comments about the album. One thing is certain, the experience is formative.

“I learn a lot; it’s a school, the studio, for me, who am primarily a performing artist. It’s something completely different, but I’m well cared for, well accompanied. I’m 100% open. I swallow all information that can make me grow and become a better singer. »

His singing teacher

While he waits to discover his first original songs, Quebec audiences will be able to hear his best covers of popular hits on his show 5 divas, one vote.

The five divas in question are Celine Dion, Ginette Reno, Lara Fabian, Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston, five great voices that have inspired Jeanick Fournier on his musical journey.

“They are vocal singers who have always touched me and followed what I heard. These are women I’ve seen singing in their music videos, to see how they pronounce, how they breathe. They were my singing teachers, if you will. »

Jeanick Fournier performs at the Agora du Port de Québec on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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