[EN IMAGES] You go behind the scenes of a show at the Festival d’été de Québec

The BuckBoys, a collective that publishes videos on the Internet, managed to infiltrate one of the stages at the Festival d’été de Québec, with one posing as a rapper during a Fouki show. They passed security with disconcerting ease.

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Known on the web for her pranks (Vertigo) The BuckBoys managed to evade festival security fairly easily last Sunday to find themselves backstage at Fouki’s show on the Loto Quebec stage at Parc de la Francophonie.

They infiltrate the backstage area of ​​a FEQ show.

They infiltrate the backstage area of ​​a FEQ show.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, which was followed by almost 82,000 people, various members of the collective can be seen trying to gain access to the stage in different ways.

Summerfest stunt segment starts at 6 min 45 sec.

After a fake restaurant messenger failed to pass security and a fake electrician approached the stage, a fake rapper was free to roam backstage during the show.

They infiltrate the backstage area of ​​a FEQ show.

Security questioned him, but the young man with the fake tattoos easily convinced an employee to let him in. “He’s on the guest listbut they didn’t give him his bracelet, he’s a friend in Koriass,” the officer explains to another member of the security team near the crime scene.

And the trick was done.

Official photo

In fact, security is so oblivious to this fake rapper that he even allows himself to invite a friend over at some point.

And if someone asks him with whom he entered, the young man only has to answer “with one of the friends in Koriass”.

They infiltrate the backstage area of ​​a FEQ show.

“That’s what we said to ourselves,” the young woman replies without asking any further questions.

And the highlight in this 25-minute video is that at the end of the show, artist Jay Scott, who recognized the BuckBoys, invites the fake rapper to go on stage for the traditional artists’ photo.

“I think it’s too easy,” two BuckBoys members congratulate themselves after their success.

They infiltrate the backstage area of ​​a FEQ show.

The relevant FEQ

In the end, the video has a good-natured character and turns out to be a sleight of handthe BuckBoys attempted the same kind of quip at the NHL draft in Montreal for the past few weeks.

However, the ease with which the operation is taking place may raise some questions when it comes to the safety of artists and their teams.

When asked about this, the management of the Festival d’été said they were “very concerned that individuals have managed to deceive the security forces”. An analysis of the situation is in progress.

“We take note of the incident and will be raising the issue with all of our security service providers. It is clear that the transmission of instructions to agents needs to be improved so that they are unambiguous and leave no room for interpretation,” said Festival d’été de Québec publicist Véronique Bouille.

On the other hand, the management of the event confirmed the analysis of the possibility of a lawsuit against the BuckBoys.

“Regarding the authors of the video, we are currently evaluating our appeals,” said Ms.me Cooked.

For their part, BuckBoys members deny any intention of causing harm, recalling not disturbing the artists, protecting the identities of the employees “wrongly” and warning the public not to repeat these actions.

“If the summer festival wants to appeal, that’s their right, but we encourage them to keep this budget safe instead,” the collective scoffed.

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