boop | Jordan Peele dissects our modern obsessions in his film

(Los Angeles) In his latest film boopthe master of satirical horror, Jordan Peele, cuts through our modern-day obsessions, from the need for approval to the constant spectacle that social media offers.

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On this occasion, the Oscar-winning screenwriter-director who brought this film genre up to date go out and Usreconnects with Daniel Kaluuya, himself a two-time Oscar winner.

The British actor impersonates in boop OJ, a horse trainer, is horrified when mysterious phenomena appear in the skies above his California ranch.

OJ and his sister Emerald, played by Keke Palmer, are therefore torn between their fear of the unfathomable and a terrifying desire to gain fame and fortune by capturing these unreal scenes to share on social media.

In this story, “the real villain is our addiction to attention and spectacle and the resulting inability to react in real time,” Keke Palmer told AFP on the Hollywood red carpet, where the film premiered this week.

“It’s no different than when people slow down on the freeway to see an accident. No one calls 911, but everyone stops to watch,” says the actress. “This is the true horror that is the subject of our film.”

boopOut Friday in the US and Canada, develops issues close to Jordan Peele’s heart, which he explored in his startling 2017 indictment of racism go out. This hit, which filmed for less than $5 million, grossed $255 million and, incidentally, an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay to Jordan Peele.

The author had reissued with Usone of the most prominent directors in Hollywood.

leisure Park

Universal Pictures studios were so confident in the director’s latest project that they decided to open a permanent attraction based on boop at her Hollywood theme park on the same day the film was released in US theaters.

“This is a first,” says Jon Corfino, head of Universal Creative, who designed this attraction.

It was made thanks to the built-in decor boop for Jupiter’s Claim, a fictional western-themed amusement park that features prominently in the film. This set was carefully disassembled at the end of filming in the California desert and then transported to Los Angeles to be reassembled at Universal’s location.


“This decor was actually used during the shooting” by Jordan Peele, “it’s exactly his vision”, points out Mr. Corfino.

In an ironic reference to the themes of boopPark visitors who offer the “VIP Tour” are allowed to walk – silly but ultra-realistic – through the streets of Jupiter’s Claim to take selfies and other TikTok videos in front of the saloon, the sheriff’s office or the workshop of the gold diggers .

This set will be the latest addition to the famous “studio tour” that Universal is offering at its theme park, where tourists circulate between the film hangars and sets they are used on Jaw by Steven Spielberg psychosis by Alfred Hitchcock.

“Jordan Peele has his place in this dynasty” of filmmakers, notes Jon Corfino.

boop Will it be as successful as go out Where Us ? Initial reviews have been mixed, but the strength of the film, according to actor Brandon Perea, is that everyone gets to see things from their own personal experience.

“There are a million stories and metaphors that each viewer can perceive differently. You take it how you want, and I think that’s great,” he says.

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