Videotron Center: Shinedown is slow to set the pace

Featuring a string of tracks that topped the magazine’s rock mainstream charts billboardShinedown was well prepared for a big rock night. After a rocky start made up of several downtimes, it took a while enemies to get performance back on track.

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There were 11 successes, out of a total of 17 songs that were on the program, for the passage during the tour planetzeroTuesday, in Quebec.

After welcoming us to Planet Zero, Brent Smith and his band exploded with firecrackers and jets of flame, according to the title of their new opus The Saints of Violence and innuendo.

A first success was shown with Devilfollowed by another, with a solid version of planet zero, from another and another. We won’t name them all.

Brent Smith’s voice pierces Zach Myers’ guitar, Eric Bass’ bass and Barry Kerch’s drums. The singer’s voice, often at rock concerts, is lost in the mass of sound, but that wasn’t the case on Tuesday. We heard him perfectly.

“Bonjour,” Brent Smith started in French, urging the crowd to come forward and “Give me five”, what the singer is going to do with one of the guards in front of the stage.

Embellished by video footage, the performance lacked fluidity with lengthy pauses between songs and lengthy interventions from singer Brent Smith, often slowing the show’s pace. We had the feeling that it wanted to take off bullyingbut daylighteven though it was nice to see all the lights generated by the cellphones brought everything down.

With the energy enemies, half delivered, we finally felt a festive atmosphere set in. It went on with Cut the rope. It was time. The strength of Second Chance, Unity, Monster and
Diamond Eyes (Boom-lay-boom-lay-boom) whoever followed did the rest. The “ahoy, ahoy, ahoy” could be heard, which is usually a very good sign of the audience’s enjoyment. We felt like there was finally some atmosphere.

“You’re my favorite audience of the last 20 years,” said guitarist Zach Myers before he started the first notes Single man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. sound of madness then ended an evening that took just a little too long to begin.

A good mixture

Before Shinedown, Pop Evil heated up the amphitheater with an energetic performance.

Smoothly led by vocalist Leigh Kakaty, the band from North Muskegon, Michigan enjoyed good sound, quality lighting and a catwalk where we found the drummer and even puffs of smoke.

They hit the mark with solid renditions contract with the devil and Let chaos reign. A good mix of melodies and more lines difficult.

In the early evening, at 6:45 p.m., Ayron Jones took us back to Seattle in the late 80s.

The singer-guitarist from this Washington state city, accompanied by a drummer and a bassist, delivered very “Hendrixian” sounds, à la Soundgarden’s Kim Thayil and with a suspicion of Lenny Kravitz. An electrical discharge centered on the alloy guitar and drums.

Shinedown performs at L’Olympia in Montreal on Wednesday night.

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