VIDEO. DJ Snake, Best Ambassador of Destination Algeria

After being in Oran as part of the Mediterranean Games (June 25th to July 6th), DJ Snake left memories and emotions that he translated into a breathtaking clip.

This high-quality clip, shared on his social media on Monday July 18, is said to be a ” complete summary of my trip to Algeria “, in the words of the famous DJ.

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soberly titled ” DJ Snake – Algeria 2022 », we see an Oran population full of life, welcoming and warm. They are old, young and not so young anymore and exude a positive energy that the clip transports without any filter.

In the clip, shot during his short stay in Oran, the artist, whose real name is William Sami Grigahcine, celebrated the city and its monuments, its musical heritage, its traditions, its old quarters and its magical shores.

But also its cheerful and lively population. In their endless hospitality, the people of Oran, all ages together, warmly welcomed the artist and exalted him to heaven.

Hundreds of fans have accompanied DJ Snake since his arrival at the airport and throughout his stay in the big city in western Algeria. Between the artist and the people of Oran there is a bond whose secret is difficult to decipher.

Perhaps the artist of Algerian origin achieved through his mother what none of the equally world-famous local personalities such as Cheb Khaled and Cheb Mami, to name a few, could (would?).

DJ Snake has shown that you can make a great music video and be seen by millions of foreigners by filming in Algeria. And thus help to promote the country’s image while other lesser value destinations attract Algerian tourists. Maybe there is room for meditation.

The Disco Maghreb clip, released last June as a tribute to the Oran region and the artists who have shaped Rai music and more generally Algeria in all its diversity, had the effect of a phenomenal publicity stunt.

Its author has been invited to many foreign TV shows while helping to arouse the curiosity of foreigners tempted to visit Algeria. Many Algerian fans of DJ Snake have hailed with pride that he is one of the few artists who has represented Algeria so well, conveying a picture of a welcoming Algeria in all its riches.

The reopening of borders with Tunisia, in effect since July 15, has been enthusiastically welcomed by Algerians, who have made it their favorite summer vacation spot for years.

We will inevitably regret it as DJ Snake has been able to bring an undeniable touristic dimension to Algeria. When we look at this artist’s clip, we immediately want to visit Oran.

Let’s leave the last word to this Ornais, who paid sincere tribute to the artist: ” You gave a lot of hope to the Algerian youth. We have a wonderful country “.

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