Régis Labeaume skins Paul St-Pierre Plamondon and Quebec radio stations

Since retiring from local politics, former Québec Mayor Régis Labeaume has observed and commented on politics, society and its issues.

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runaway Spicy aperitif by Sophie Durocher and Richard Martineau, the new permanent collaborator of The press did not go out of his way in some of his comments, particularly on Quebec politics, separatism, and Quebec radio stations.

According to him, these wave-making stations, which he calls “toxic radios,” are shadowing Quebec. At the same time, he regrets that they managed to establish themselves in the identity of the old capital.

Former mayor Labeaume stressed that for these broadcasters “it is important to be against power” but first and foremost to make profit. “It’s a question of money. I think that if it paid off to be on the left, the guys at Toxic Radio would have been on the left,” he said.

He also reminded Richard and Sophie that before he was elected mayor of Quebec, trash radio hosts stood up for him and supported him in his race because he was the “underdog,” the “new kid on the block,” he described. “Until I got elected [ils prenaient pour moi]but when I was elected they wanted to rip my head off because I had the power,” he said.

Although today several stars of these radios have fallen, as in the case of Jeff Fillion, who will again leave CHOI Radio X when his contract expires in August, and André Arthur, who has died, the fact remains that the animators are “entertainers”. Mr. Labeaume. “There is a lot of loneliness in our society and it never ceases to amaze me to see how people connect with the animators. People are not aware of that I think [de l’impact des propos que ces animateurs tiennent].”

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is out of place

During the aperitif, Régis Labeaume also ventured into the referendum issue of a Quebec outside Canada, scorching the leader of the Parti Québécois, who he believes is not moving in the right territory. . “Vote no to the nation of Quebec, I would have problems, but to say that I am a sovereignist today, I do not remember. […] and it depends on who would propose it,” he initially underscored.

“[Paul St-Pierre Plamondon] is really not good. […] I think he’s very brilliant but he’s just out of place,” he added.

The Olympics are a ‘catch’

The former mayor also said if Quebec had volunteered to host the Winter Olympics in recent years, he would have had them. But the price is not worth it, he explained.

He admitted to having fraternized with the International Olympic Committee and numerous sports federations to see if the city could accommodate the masses of amateur sports at a reasonable price, but concluded it was a “cram”, that is, “they acted to stuff the world”. For this reason, he dropped the project for Quebec to become the host city.

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