Influencer Elisabeth Rioux fears the release of her ex

Influencer Elisabeth Rioux has opened up for the first time since her ex-husband was convicted of domestic violence two weeks ago.

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In a message posted to Instagram late Monday night, the young entrepreneur told her 1.6million subscribers that she had “no words, no emotions (or maybe too many).”

Her ex-husband Bryan McCormick was recently sentenced to 6 months in prison for repeatedly beating, strangling and threatening to kill her.

Bryan McCormick.  Guilty

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Bryan McCormick. Guilty

According to a document filed when the 28-year-old pleaded guilty, between 13 and 15 episodes of domestic violence occurred during their relationship.

The businesswoman said she was torn over the impending detention of her child’s father, who, among other things, assaulted her during her pregnancy.

“Best case scenario, he goes to jail, reflects on what he’s done, and becomes a better person,” she wrote in English in the statement. But she also fears that “in the worst case [accumule] fury, and who knows what he’ll do when he’s released”.

The 25-year-old, who has been a victim of McCormick for months, continues to have nightmares about him and admits she doesn’t feel as strong as some believe.

Lost in doubt, she asks her community to stop asking her any questions about this case that’s haunting her.

“I would really like to choose when to think and speak about this topic because I get reminded of it multiple times a day on social media and I don’t feel like I’m in a ‘safe space’,” she testified.

Some promises

The popular content creator was present at the courthouse in Saint-
Jerome, July 5.

Before going to jail, McCormick assured the court that he would continue his journey during and after his incarceration “to better himself like no other”.

In addition to having to undergo anger and emotion management therapy, McCormick will receive a three-year probationary period, the maximum length that could be imposed.

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