Harry and Meghan about to divorce? This video in public that shocks more than one

Meghan and Harry tied the knot in May 2018. They’ve been through a lot since they met. In fact, the royal family had to accept their marriage, then there was the birth of Archie, the Megxit, etc. Today is all his problems did not burden their couple ?

Harry and Meghan: how is their relationship?

Recently, Harry had declared that he really had found the woman of his life. Indeed he was met with his wife who bore him two children. But does this really reflect the reality of their daily lives? A video was uploaded by @royalinstblog and seems to teach us the opposite…

In the pictures we see the two lovers during an official event. At one point the 40-year-old American actress tries to take her husband’s hand, but she kind of takes “wind”… In fact, Harry immediately lets go of his hand. We actually sense a certain uneasiness… The pretty brunette looks annoyed and insists on putting her hand in his. Harry seems exhausted from the situation…

There is a sense of uneasiness in the couple

This scene embarrassed shocked netizens. The latter has not failed to make it known on the web. Here’s what we read about the reaction and decomposed mine of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson: “ She keeps taking his hand in hers when he’s uncomfortable”, “This video makes me believe all the negative stories about him”, “Harry needs help”, “Why is he so unhappy? », « Can’t she see that he doesn’t like it? », «It’s scary», «I’m no expert on romantic relationships, but it’s not normal», «He never seems happy or relaxed with her. And I think if the roles were reversed, if a man did something like that to his wife, everyone would be shocked.

Harry emotionally abused by Meghan?

from the megxit, everyone is concerned for Harry. In May 2021, journalist Candace Owens stated that he was in an unhealthy relationship with his wife. “I can’t say it enough, Prince Harry is in an emotionally abusive relationship. Meghan has fooled him into thinking she’s her mother’s reincarnation – except this time he has a chance to save her. It’s so disturbing to watch. Stop putting it in front of the cameras. »

She also continued: “He is completely isolated from his family, from his country, and he thinks he has to be to prevent his mother from being killed again. According to Freud, these are classic signs of emotional abuse and transference. Honestly, Oprah needs to stop now. Harry must be saved from Meghan.” Be continued…

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