Death of singer Dani | The Parisian night loses one of its stars

(Paris) Charming voice, androgynous physique, Parisian nightlife icon returned in 2001 with like a boomerang French singer Dani died at the age of 77 in a duet with Étienne Daho.

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Philippe Grelard
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Dani – also an actress and model – died Monday night of complications from an illness in the Tours region where she lived, her manager Lambert Boudier told AFP on Tuesday.

The artist had just finished touring with his latest album Golden Horizons and already finished the preparations for a new album.

Dani (Danièle Graule in marital status) had decided to name this next album Attention departure. “Title that I interpreted as a new beginning,” commented for AFP Étienne Daho. “Ironically, that track has a different resonance today,” adds the singer, who “spoke to him yesterday (Monday) at 7:30pm.” “When I heard the news this morning, I couldn’t believe it.”

For Daho, the artist was “not conventional at all,” “loved the fringe,” and “embodied the rock attitude.”

Several personalities from the music world paid tribute to her on social networks, such as Jean-Louis Aubert: “So sad, such a beautiful friend, so friendly and so free. Goodbye my Danette”.

“She was a muse, an accomplice, a sharer in good times,” Didier Barbelivien describes.

“Very messy”

Dani described himself to AFP two years ago in his voice with delicate roughness: “It’s not always easy to follow paths like no other”. “It’s very chaotic, but with great encounters.”

She was the queen of “Paris by night” in the ’70s, at the helm of L’Aventure, a trendy nightclub, the French version of Studio 54 in New York. Her unbridled lifestyle was summed up in her song Life at 25 (There’s no harm in doing good).

François Truffaut chooses her for the role of Liliane in The American Night, mise en abyme on the world of cinema, Oscar 1974 for the best foreign film. She has also toured with Roger Vadim, Claude Chabrol, Georges Lautner and recently even Olivier Marchal.

But his course was bumpy. In 1987, the former Yéyé muse told of her descent into hell Stun the galley.

Shunned by record companies because of her frequenting of artificial paradises, she returned to the top of the stage in 2001 with Étienne Daho.

The latter had offered to sing like a boomerangTitle composed for her by Serge Gainsbourg but rejected for Eurovision 1975 – considered too daring – and forgotten.

To say that France – which was to be represented by Dani – had withdrawn from Eurovision the year before, in 1974, at the time of the death of the President of the Republic, Georges Pompidou. A psychic had predicted that she would not go…

“Total Unconsciousness”

Initially, Daho was just a producer on a title that he thought was only suitable for Dani. But the singer insists on a duet with him. “Dani had the right intuition and this song, which was a smash hit when it was released, is now a classic,” the singer told AFP.

Since then, she had regained iconic status, which left her embarrassed.

“There’s a solid side when I feel like I’m moving,” she confided to AFP in 2020. She preferred to speak of an “atypical career” – model, singer, actress, magazine director, florist…


Daniel, in 2020.

“Have I been chosen or have I chosen? Who knows ! asked Dani in his autobiography The night doesn’t last.

It all started for her when she left Perpignan in 1963 at the age of 19 and went to Paris.

“When I started I was completely unconscious. Hoping to pose for a fashion shoot, I knocked on the door of French daysthe only magazine we read with in Perpignan she ‘ she confided to AFP in 2016.

The following week she was on the cover. She will pose in front of the lens of Helmut Newton or Jean-Baptiste Mondino during her career.

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