7 things the show doesn’t tell you about Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson is one of the central characters in Vikings Valhalla, but the series omits some historical facts about him.

One of the biggest historical series of recent times is Vikings Valhalla. Continuing the original Vikings series, it chronicles the exploits of Norse explorers a hundred years later. It centers on Leif Erikson, a Greenlandic sailor struggling to forge his destiny in a changing world. However, like all historical stories, Valhalla took artistic liberties with Leif’s journey.

The authors have omitted some elements listed in the saga and other accounts. It serves the story they want to tell. Alternatively, they may save these plots for future seasons as they deal with Leif’s subsequent success. Whatever the reason, these omissions shouldn’t stop fans from learning more about the real Viking. His story is as interesting as that of his series character.

7 – He sailed to America


This is the performance Leif is best known for. The saga mentions an incredible new place full of greenery and wonder. The name he and his companions choose is “Vinland,” but experts generally agree that it’s a North American location. Archaeological finds can even confirm this.

The ruins of L’Anse aux Meadows, a Norse settlement in Newfoundland, are a major topic of discussion. Historians believe it is the work of Leif. However, at this time it is occupied by the Viking Wars in England and Norway. The series did not explore his recent travels narratively or geographically. That said, this is a partially Canadian production, so the creators are probably anxious to connect the aforementioned ruins to Erikson’s story.

6 – He converted to Christianity


The series lays the foundation for this in the first season. After several harrowing encounters, Leif wonders about his survival. Harald Sigurdson claims his fortune came from a divine miracle, and the sailor seems to believe it. He begins to believe that it is the god of Christianity who is protecting him and not the Norse gods. Of course, those who know the story know that the reasoning goes much deeper.

Leif officially declared himself a Christian while at the court of Olaf Tryggvesson. He even accompanied a priest on a mission to bring religion to the settlers in Greenland. In later episodes, he might embark on a mission to create conflict with his roots.

5 – His home country


Leif and his friends arrive in the Kattegat in the first episode claiming to be from Greenland. As such, the other Vikings treat them like the mysterious “Greenlanders”: strong people from a distant place. How ironic that the real Leif is from somewhere else.

Reports are not certain about Erikson’s origins, but the majority agree that he was born in Iceland. Of course, both Iceland and Greenland are subject to harsh climates. The original Vikings series even portrays them as such, but it’s unclear why Valhalla delayed Leif’s birth from one to the other. Honestly, it would be amazing if anyone survived these two places.

4 – Multiple siblings


One of the strongest bonds in the series is between Leif and his sister Freydis. He travels to Norway to help her get revenge for a previous attack and he fights in a Viking army to pay for his crimes. Additionally, viewers see a real sense of kinship in their interactions. As poignant as it is, she wasn’t Leif’s only sister.

He also had two brothers: Thorvald and Thorstein. The latter were far from benefiting from the attention of Erik’s other children. The saga is vague about their fate, but it appears they died on ill-fated expeditions to Vinland. That’s probably why they’re missing from the series. The writers didn’t have much to do.

3 – His wife


Leif’s love interest in Season 1 is Liv, an old classmate from Greenland. Unfortunately, like the rest of her company, she meets an untimely end. He comes out broken and angry, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

In the story, Leif marries a noblewoman named Thorgunna whom he meets in Scotland. She hasn’t appeared on the show yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

At this point, Leif is still establishing himself in the Viking world. He will likely travel to uncharted lands in later seasons. Here he will probably meet his future wife.

2 – He had two sons


In addition to two brothers, Leif had two sons. Their names were Thorgils and Thorkell. Again, little is known about them. The saga hardly mentions Thorgils, and Thorkell is best known for becoming chief in Greenland after his father’s death. That means they could still appear in the series.

Valhalla obviously shows Leif’s younger years. He hasn’t had any children yet, wasn’t even married. The creators are likely saving these milestones for future storylines. The first Vikings gradually established the children of Ragnar Lothbrok over several seasons, so it would make sense to do the same with the descendants of Leif.

1 – His adoptive father


Leif’s dad (Erik the Red) wasn’t the best dad. The series states that he often went into murderous rages and the story goes that he was eventually banished from his homeland in Iceland. At that time he entrusted Tyrker, one of his slaves, with the care of his children. The Thrall becomes a father figure himself, with Leif referring to him as “his adoptive father”. As such, it accompanies the sailor on many voyages. He even inspired the name “Vinland” for the mysterious coasts they mapped together. Tyrker had described this land as full of similar vines.

One wonders how the writers will justify that name given Tyrker’s absence. He is not part of the Greenlandic gang sailing with Leif and Freydis. In fact, Erik is the only father these two have mentioned. If he had any slaves, they obviously didn’t affect his children’s lives the way Tyrker did.

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