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This week, Isabelle Côté, CEO of Coffrages Synergy (foundation formwork and shell panels), which offers a program to promote the compatibility of work and study, answers our questions about leadership.

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Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
The press

Q. Why is work-study balance important at Coffrages Synergy and how is it implemented in your company?

R One of Synergy’s priorities is that everyone stands on their X. A phrase we’ve been using since our beginnings. Through our culture of continuous learning, we encourage people to develop further in what excites them. In order to ensure a better compatibility of work and studies, the evening shift is offered in our precast plant, among other things. This enables DEP carpentry and joinery students to work in their field of passion throughout their studies. In addition, we offer turnkey plans. For example, we have a principal who is in the process of completing her MBA and we are adjusting her schedule so that she can take full advantage of her studies. She started as an intern and then, in less than five years, occupied a strategic position within the company. We welcome many interns each year because we believe it’s important to share our work ethic with newcomers to the market. This propagates our philosophy in the industry. A philosophy focused on rigor, agility and personal development. We want everyone at Synergy to be the best version of themselves.

Q. You started out as a receptionist at Coffrages Synergy. How does a construction company promote the growth of women in strategic positions?

R Trust. That’s how it all started for me. When I arrived 17 years ago, I was given every opportunity to develop myself. I quickly saw the immense potential of this company and was allowed to gradually build up the departments. Estimating, engineering, human resources, health and safety, project management, innovation and technology, communications and the operations department have taken shape. In turn, I offer this opportunity for further development to everyone. It is important to think about our succession and to share our knowledge with future generations. It’s the magic ingredient in our winning formula. Every employee was hired because we trust in their will to grow. We focus on his passions, his goals and his passion. Humanizing leadership is possible when we allow everyone to be themselves. Like men, women are driven by ambitions that fuel their desire to innovate by investing time and effort into their projects. It’s important for people to be able to say, “Why not! » instead of « Why me? »

Q. How do you differentiate as a company to attract talent in this time of labor market crisis and construction sites?

R I would rather speak of retention in the recruiting department. The approach is reversed. Although Coffrages Synergy has grown from 25 to 1,500 employees, his large family is very close. This extraordinary growth was made possible by a deep-rooted sense of belonging, a strong brand image and a human working environment. Each employee thus becomes an ambassador who attracts talent; It’s not just the responsibility of Human Resources. Also our program mentor allows us to maintain our work ethic. To this day, 50 employees from various departments, both in administration and on construction sites and in factories, bear this title. You applied voluntarily to ensure the well-being of the employees. Whether it’s welcoming employees when they change location, supporting the next generation or addressing the needs of employees over a breakfast together to get the day off to a good start, mentors are there for everyone. Another innovation that brings us together is the internally created Synergy app, which includes a news feed like social networks, a chat system between employees, and several other features focused on the day-to-day needs of workers. There are also more than 500 instructional video capsules where the actors are still our collaborators. Technology at the service of man, a real charm for attachment!

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