Wife buys a sex doll that looks just like her husband for those times when she doesn’t really feel like it

Unable to satisfy her partner’s particularly intense libido, a Brit found a creative way to maintain harmony in their relationship.

Char Grey, a 23-year-old British woman, told media in her country that, faced with the impossibility of sexually satisfying her husband, she decided to offer him a sex doll in her likeness to “relieve pressure”.

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This allows 28-year-old Callum to fulfill her needs with the doll named Dee when Char doesn’t feel like having sex.

But the most amazing thing is that the doll, valued at about 2300 Canadian dollars, is a copy of its owner.

The couple bought the doll online in June after owning another doll that didn’t fit them.

This time they have opted for a more realistic model that looks like two water drops for the blond char.

“There were so many options but we finally found Dee who we think looks like me,” said the lead prospect, before explaining how the newcomer interfered in their sex life.

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“I’m never jealous because there’s no emotion – she’s not real but she definitely spiced things up,” said the one – who shares an OnlyFans account with her husband that has over 2,000 subscribers.

“We talked about spicing things up and having a threesome or foursome, but like most girls, I was afraid that I wouldn’t like seeing Callum with another woman. It was a common decision to buy a sex doll, but it was the best decision and definitely improved our sex life,” the young woman said.

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“That’s great because Callum has a high sex drive and when I’m not in the mood he has Dee. We both like to experiment with her – and she regularly joins our hot sessions too. She is not “just a doll”. We are really attached to her. She helped strengthen our relationship — and set our sex life on fire,” she explained.

Her lover concluded by saying that Dee definitely brought her closer.

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