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Marc Andre Lemieux

Marc Andre Lemieux
The press

The safe bet

Take away

We talk a lot about it – for good reasonlive from the universebut another program hosted by France Beaudoin deserves just as much attention: Take away. Revolving around the words seen, read, heard, written, played and sung by each guest, this series of intimate encounters allows personalities to open up in an organic way, not artificially or forced. ICI Télé is currently broadcasting the third season of the weekly meeting originally offered on ICI ARTV in 2020-2021. This week, France Beaudoin does a rich interview with Pénélope McQuade, who talks about various topics such as her need for discomfort, her relationship with looks, a phrase from Shakespeare that has always haunted her, and why she got the word “forte” tattooed on her . . (Season 5 is expected on ICI ARTV this fall.)

ICI Télé, Saturday at 8 p.m

The return

American ninja warrior


American ninja warrior

We don’t know why, but every time we come across it American ninja warrior, we cling to it. It has to be said that this is a perfect summer show where you can put your brain on ice and watch extra fit people try to complete an obstacle course without falling in the water. We even like the portraits of the participants, even if they are roughly painted. The sympathetic cowboythe nurse Super woman, the new mom, the junior champion… all archetypes go through it. Last week, producers used the story of a young contestant whose father committed suicide. This week we start with the semifinals in Los Angeles.

CTV and NBC, Mondays at 8 p.m

catch up




If you haven’t seen this offering from HBO Max, it’s not too late to make up for it. His second Season has just received 17 nominations for the Emmy Awards, which will be presented in September. The star of the show, Jean Smart, wins Best Actress in a Comedy. And for a good reason. The veteran brilliantly portrays a late-career comedienne in Las Vegas who becomes the mentor of a young writer (Hannah Einbinder) who is hired to bring her material up to date. Einbinder is also quoted, albeit on the side of the supporting roles. It’s the kind of story we’ve seen before (clash of generations, two people from opposite sides who form close relationships), but it’s told with intelligence, humor, and just enough good feelings.


The event

The home run contest


Pete Alonso of the New York Mets

A Major League Baseball All-Star game is fine, but a home run contest is even better. This annual competition is often far more entertaining – and shorter – than the showdown that precedes it. This week we’re going to take a close look at Pete Alonso’s performance. The New York Mets first baseman will be looking to complete a hat trick after dominating the last two editions of the event. All in the heart of Los Angeles’ mythical Dodger Stadium, which hasn’t hosted the Summer Classic since 1980. The all-star game will be presented 24 hours later, on Tuesday at 19:30, with the team of usual description, consisting of Marc Griffin and Alain Usereau.

RDS, Monday at 8 p.m

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