Just for Laughs Group | Former employee wins case

A former employee of Groupe Juste pour rire claimed he was wrongly shown the door in 2019 and this week won his case as he had been “hired for life”.

Posted yesterday at 11am

Isabel Mass

Isabel Mass
The press

His sacking came amid sexual misconduct allegations against Gilbert Rozon, the sacking of his sisters Luce and Lucie Rozon, and a change in management custody.

His former employer must pay him $20,000 in moral damages, reinstate him within 15 days, and pay him the salary lost since February 2020.

André Glouthnay, an archivist with Just for Laughs since 1993, sued several business entities and legal entities, including Gilbert Rozon (direct manager of Mr. Glouthnay at the time of his hire), for $732,000 for moral damage, loss of salary until retirement ( age 65) and loss of insurance plan. And that, even if he pays him a year’s severance pay. The archivist was on a salary of $60,000 at the time of his dismissal.

It is forbidden to apply for another position

The argument: He was employed “for life” at Just for Laughs, for whom it was a job cut. “The judgment mentions that Groupe Juste pour rire is banned [André Gloutnay] apply for another job,” says Fraue Bruno-Pierre Allard, Lawyer for Chabot Law Firm, mediator lawyers, plaintiffs’ representatives. “A lifetime guarantee is a rather unusual clause, but Mr Gloutnay wanted to take advantage of that guarantee. »

According to court documents, the archivist was shocked to learn of the 2019 job cut, remained frozen at a desk for five hours after the announcement and nearly committed suicide after being fired. He suffers from “significant depressive disorders”.

Just for Laughs argued that a lifetime employment guarantee was not valid and that the new management had the right to terminate the employment.

Gilbert Rozon was not convicted, the judge considered it was essentially an obligation to Just for Laughs Group and the company said she was responsible for the contract.

According to spokesman Mathieu Rompré, the Groupe Juste pour rire is represented by the law firm Blake, Cassels & Graydon, “which, following the judgment, is currently analyzing the file and examining all options”.

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