Amazing Working Conditions | Eight weeks holiday on hire

Eight to nine weeks holiday on hire. Unlimited telework – also abroad – for all employees who wish it. The flexibility to choose your benefits based on your needs. Boucherville SME Tootelo started rolling out the red carpet for its employees well before the current labor shortage, and the strategy seems to be paying off.

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Maxim Bergeron

Maxim Bergeron
The press

Computer programmer Salma Ouchraa was spoiled for choice when deciding to return to work after the birth of her baby. After studying several offers, in the spring she decided on a little-known SME that she liked: Tootelo.

Among the many points that attracted her: the apparent complicity between colleagues at the time of the interview. The possibility of teleworking at will from Morocco, the country from which she immigrated two years ago. And above all: the loyalty of the employees, many of whom have been with the company for 10 or 15 years.

“I’ve seen that there are a lot of veterans who have been there for 6 years, 10 years, 17 years,” says Mme Ouchraa, leader of a team of five.

For a company in this space, people staying that long means something.

Salma Ouchraa

Many of them sense that “something” in the SME with 300 employees in Boucherville on the south coast of Montreal.

A diversified company

The Tootelo name is hardly known to the general public, but its products and services are widely used in multiple industries. The company was initially founded in 1994 by Benoit Brunel as a call center and has since diversified greatly to focus primarily on information technology.

Tootelo, through its subsidiary Telmatik, still provides telephone and computer customer service to a number of customers including Aéroports de Montréal, Olymel and STM. It runs two digital platforms – Immocontact and Bonjour-santé – which are widely used in the real estate and healthcare sectors. The group has also bought four medical clinics in recent years.

Tootelo’s activities span a wide network and employee mobility between the various departments is strongly encouraged. This could contribute to the low turnover rate observed at the company, believes Annie Blanchette, interim president, who received it The press with half a dozen employees.

We recently held a recognition event to celebrate 40 employees’ 10 years with the company. 10 years ago we were only 67 employees… and 40 of them are still with us.

Annie Blanchette, Interim President of Tootelo

A la carte benefits.

When Tootelo has a traditional table baby foot, a good coffee machine and open-plan offices worthy of a young techno shoot, the corporate philosophy seems to attract and keep employees. The two keywords: freedom and flexibility.

Tootelo started offering teleworking in 2006 at the request of certain employees with special needs such as disabilities. “It was very innovative at the time to offer telecommuting and it was the measure that caught the most attention,” says Annie Blanchette. The other measure that really stood out was the six weeks of vacation that we offered from the start. »

Tootelo offices

  • meeting rooms


    meeting rooms

  • A foosball table


    A table from baby foot

  • A private booth for private calls


    A private booth for private calls

  • A massage chair in a soundproof room


    A massage chair in a soundproof room

  • A coffee area


    A coffee area


Tootelo has further improved its working conditions: the group now offers an “à la carte” remuneration system. Employees can choose from a range of benefits, which generally account for 12% to 14% of their compensation.

Some opt for more vacation – eight or nine weeks –, additional group insurance or a higher pension contribution. Others, on the other hand, choose to keep their vacation and benefits to a minimum in exchange for a higher salary.

We say to all newcomers: List the benefits that are important to you and: “Perfect, we can offer you that.”

Rosemarie Boulanger, Head of Human Resources Development

“It’s really about finding what connects you, because everyone has very different needs,” says Rosemarie Boulanger.

Other benefits that Tootelo offers its employees include flexible working hours, paid vacation on his birthday and participation in company participation. The SME turns over between 20 and 30 million euros a year, and the value of the shares held by the employees has “always” increased from year to year, assures Annie Blanchette.

The boss isn’t worried about the productivity of the employees working from home – hardly 10 to 20 of them go to the newly renovated offices of the group today. “We rely a lot on this relationship of trust with small teams, which means we are not micromanaging. »

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