Guinness Record: Nearly 500 Spyder-Rykers gathered in Saint-Victor

Nearly 500 three-wheel motorcycle owners who gathered at the Spyder Loup Fest on Saturday set out to set a new Guinness World Record.

“People are still many at the rendezvous! Everyone smiles. It exceeded our expectations,” said Benoit Provencher, the “leader” of the group of six humorous bikers Les Bikers Loup that organizes this festival.

In the skin of his character El’Grand, he opened the parade aboard the Vans Bikers Loup, accompanied by his faithful partner El’Gros aka Claude Grisé.

The official count has yet to be completed, but the convoy had more than 400 Spyder-Rykers. The three-wheeled vehicles made a loop of approximately 15 kilometers around the new historic Manoir 66 of Saint-Victor, host of the BPR-sponsored festival. Volunteers filmed the parade as evidence of a new Guinness World Record.

Claude Arsenault, who traveled from Gaspésie to attend the event, designed commemorative plaques for the Wolf Bikers to commemorate this gathering.

Naive bikers

Collectors, Wolf Bikers are interested in all motorcycle models and not just Spyder-Ryker. “For us, the ‘bicycle’ is not important. He’s the “biker”!” emphasizes Mr. Provencher.

The six artists of the Bikers Loup took to the stage in the late afternoon to interpret their songs, which sneered at their passion for motorcycles.

These naïve bikers, whose popularity has grown steadily since the group formed in December 2017, dream of hearing their wacky creations play on the radio. Her favorites are “Ride la guidoune” and “Marque moi mon gaz Léon”.

Humorous motorcycle blessing

“We’re also known for our humorous motorcycling blessings,” adds Mr. Provencher.

On June 5, the parish priest celebrated a mass in the Saint-Victor church, which was attended by a Harley-Davidson and a gospel group. The celebration ended with the sounds of “Harley-lou-y’a”. This is the band’s biggest hit, a parody of Leonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah”.

“It works very well!” comments the founder, who likes to talk about his roots.

Mr. Provencher unpretentiously compares his group of bikers to the style of Rock et Belles Oreilles and Fred Pellerin. Originally from Saint-Lucien near Drummondville, this enthusiast integrates several characters, locations and memories of his home village.

Popular in France

The Wolf Bikers are very active on social networks and have followers as far away as France. One of them offered an embroidery that has become the group’s badge, while another fan asked them to create a sketch that will be used to convey the “great request” to his lover. “It’s a great privilege!” says Mr. Provencher.

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