An electrician is now supplied, it is possible

Back from a trip to the United States, my keen eye noticed that dealers of American and Japanese brands had good inventory.

I am thinking in particular of this Honda dealer who must have had a good twenty passports and pilots in his possession, which is literally impossible for us. I also observed that you could see some Bolt EVs and EUVs at several Chevrolet dealerships. Much more so than on American roads where, except in California, electric cars are rare.

Some calculations

Knowing that here it takes at least between 18 and 24 months to get a Bolt EV or EUV if you were to place an order today, I decided to improvise myself as a buyer for a few moments to check, if this would be possible so that I can get my hands on an American copy tomorrow morning. An exercise made all the more tempting as Chevrolet USA recently announced a significant price cut for these models. A drop from $5,700 for the Bolt EV and $6,300 for the Bolt EUV, bringing the suggested retail prices down to $26,595 (EV) and $28,195 (EUV) before tax.

An electrician is now supplied, it is possible

During my research, I came across several devices available from various retailers who also offer attractive discounts on new models. I found a Bolt EV base car listed at a New York dealership for $30,780 and a Bolt EUV Premier listed at a dealership in Albany, four hours from Montreal, for $33,190. When I called, a representative from this dealership confirmed that the car was available and could be delivered promptly.

Then I started counting. Purchasing this Bolt EUV for $33,190 + 8% taxes payable to New York State brings the total cost to $35,845. Converting at the daily exchange rate of 1.30% gives us a total of CA$46,476, while a Canadian model is priced at $45,848. A difference of just under $628, but one that allows you to get your hands on a new and guaranteed device right away.

An electrician is now supplied, it is possible

And the grants

Obviously, the burning question of applicable government credits remains. Credits not applicable to a new vehicle purchase outside of Canada, regardless of make. However, Quebec offers discounts for used electric vehicles from the US or elsewhere in the country, which is nonsense. Reached on the phone, the people of the Roulez Vert program of the Quebec government had nothing to say but the laconic phrase “This is how the rules are made”, without being able to justify them…

One can imagine that part of the answer lies in supporting Canadian traders. However, since they have nothing to sell and the goal is to multiply the number of “green plates” in our country, we might as well put the odds in our side. Let’s not forget that buying a vehicle outside the country, like any other product sold here, involves federal and provincial taxes.

There is therefore currently no solution to claim government rebates for an American vehicle whose warranty on Canadian soil could be suspended for the first six months.

In conclusion, it is indeed possible to get your hands on a Chevrolet Bolt EV or EUV tomorrow morning and import it to Quebec, but for an amount that will end up being significantly higher. Finally, you should know that at the moment many consumers who have placed orders with retailers are canceling them … because they found what they were looking for elsewhere or because the suddenly more uncertain economy scares them. So if you give your name to a dealership for a Chevrolet Bolt or any other model today, you could potentially get a termination that puts you behind the wheel of an electric vehicle sooner than you thought.

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