Opt for the elegance of the black toilet

Black fittings are becoming more and more common in bathrooms. But the toilet always stays white…or almost. More and more people are daring with the black shell, including Mara Vezeau, who made this bold choice for her bathroom renovation.

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Sophie Ouimet

Sophie Ouimet
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In the Beaconsfield house where she lives with her family, it was high time to replace the original 1960s bathroom: “It was really ripe for a little revival,” explains Mara Vézeau, available by phone.


Mara Vezeau has lived with her family in her home in Beaconsfield for three and a half years. Having renovated the kitchen upon their arrival, it was now their turn to do the bathroom.

The idea was to create a cozy atmosphere, almost hotel-like, in this bathroom next to the master bedroom. “We have two children, so in the evenings there is time to relax in the shower! She says. We also found that the black toilet harmonized better with the stone we chose for the wall and floor. »

In particular, the device is hung on the wall to save space and has a frosted finish, which makes maintenance easier. She got the Vague & Vogue toiletries and had to resort to the copy that was on the floor to avoid delivery delays.


“It’s not a big space, so the floating aspect adds some lightness,” says Mara Vezeau.

Mara and her family certainly won’t be the only ones opting for the black toilet, as it’s actually making a comeback, confirms Karine Matte, interior designer and founder of Matte & Glossy. “The last time we saw the black toilet was in the 1990s,” she says. And of course there was an explosion of colored toilets in the 1950s: mint green, pale blue, pale pink, pale yellow…” the color expert enumerates.

But since then, at least here, we only see white and nothing else.

In Quebec, we really cling to white toilets. Because it is the color of cleanliness, of purity and of course it looks “clean”.

Karine Matte, interior designer and founder of Matte & Glossy

In Europe, which is always one step ahead of us, black toilets are more common. But it’s slowly making its way across the Atlantic, agrees Sophia G. Brancoli, interior designer and founder of La brancoli design. “In fact, it’s a trend that’s coming back,” she says. It offers great design flexibility, and black gives us different options for color matching. »

buddy and suspended

In order to be a successful design gesture, however, the integration of the black toilet must follow the rules of technology, specifies Karine Matte. “I think the black toilet has its place, but with a matte finish,” she clipped.

In fact, the glossy finish transports us back to the 1990s, and like any good trend that returns, it needs to be reinterpreted… and updated.

In addition, to keep the look uncluttered, the stylist suggests opting for the wall-mounted model, as Mara Vézeau did. “Due to the lack of space, it is very common in Europe. One way to condense the space as much as possible is to have a hanging tank. “So practical, but also elegant. “There’s something really classy about going for the black toilets,” notes Karine Matte.


For the Atelier C house in Eastman designed by Nicholas Francœur, we also opted for the black wall-hung toilet. This is a Kohler brand.

shower room or bathroom?

Although you can find the black sink in all bathrooms, Sophia G. Brancoli recommends starting with the bathroom, especially if you are a bit hesitant about this choice. “A bathroom is often the place where you can have a little more fun and visit less regularly than a full bathroom. »

When it comes to the layout, we have a few choices, says Karine Matte. You can opt for a very sober decor, like Mara Vezeau, or create a black and white set, a bit like New York. Other option? “In a bathroom, I would put up an extremely dramatic wallpaper, say plum,” suggests Karine Matte, who reveals her love of color here!

Where can you find them?

The two specialists say that you have to be willing to pay extra dollars for a black toilet. High-end plumbing companies likely have access to such suppliers. Here’s a little address book.

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