“I can’t wait to show what I can do”

Actor Maxime Gibeault, who’s had his fair share of bad-boy characters, can’t wait to show Quebec that he’s good at acting too. fragmentsthe new series by Serge Boucher.

After angering all of Quebec by playing one of the series’ villains district 31the 25-year-old actor is delighted to reveal another acting register to the public. fragmentsthe new television work by Serge Boucher (confession, appearances, lights and Brittle), which will air on Radio-Canada this winter, will share the screen with big names including Céline Bonnier, James Hyndman, René Richard Cyr and Luc Guérin.

“This is my first nice role, I’m never nice,” laughs the man, who received many derogatory comments – even threats – while acting district 31. That will do me and my cast good. People will see that I’m capable of playing that and more than the bad guys. »

A good role

The actor praises the calm and patience of the director Claude Desrosiers and the richness of the texts by Serge Boucher, who invented a story that spans two eras: ours and that of the 80s, in which Renaud, his character, develops. The series, which chronicles the reunion of four sixties friends after 40 years, will consist of ten 60-minute episodes.

“It speaks of a scourge that was very upsetting in those years,” continues evasively the one who has been spinning the perfect love with actress Emi Chicoine for a year. It is above all a concept of love, family, friendship and people we let go. This is a topic that has never been covered on television in Quebec and that will touch people deeply. »

The actor also plays a small role larrythe new series by the duo Stéphane Bourguignon and Patrice Sauvé (the one behind Live life). We follow a former undercover cop as he seeks revenge for a crime that changed the course of his wife’s life. Maxime Gibeault plays a deeply evil member of a gang who makes life difficult for the character played by Benoît Gouin. The ten episodes of the series can be found on ICI Tou.Tvs Extra.

life after district 31

As for his role district 31, the actor confirms that it has changed his life. “It was a nice”wrinkled“. I took the opportunity. This brought recognition and visibility; People realize you exist when you play in a project like this. Saying “I hate you” is a good sign for an actor (laughs). »

The person who publicly stated that he had spent a month in a rehabilitation center in 2020 wanted to use his interview The newspaper to clarify this aspect of his life. “I had a difficult pass three years ago, but that’s behind me. It’s going well and in my head I’ve recovered, I’m drug free, I’m motivated, focused and ready for a challenge and a big part. »

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