Sinem Kara, the new humor princess of Quebec

For the first time in Quebec, a woman of Turkish origin shines on the comedy scene. Increasingly popular since participating in the show The next uprising, Sinem Kara will present his first ever solo exhibition at Zoofest Festival. Interview with a “tanned” woman who doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket.

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Audrey Pilon Topkara

Audrey Pilon Topkara
The press

“I have a pretty caustic sense of humor, but all in a party atmosphere », illustrated Sinem Kara with bright eyes at a meeting in the offices of The press.

Born in Quebec to Turkish parents, the 32-year-old comedian has long juggled Turkish and Quebec culture. After spending part of her childhood in Montreal North, she moved to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu around the age of 10, where her parents opened a pizzeria. Here she experiences a culture shock for the first time.

“That was the fateful moment that really separated Turkey from Quebec. Montréal-Nord is very ethnic, very Turkish, then boom! Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 100% Quebec. I experienced this contrast as immigration. That’s where I got to know the culture of Quebec,” she says.

In addition, the theme of cultural differences is an integral part of his humorous material. Like an open book, she processes, among other things, her relationship with her strict parents, the dynamics of a typical Turkish family, the burden of tradition, her marriage and racism, all with joy, without taboos.

The one who defines herself as a real princess of the Middle East with a microphone does not hesitate to be candid with the audience during her numbers.

I have a certain girl boyfriend style. I like being close to people and laughing at everything. I also like to tell anecdotes and analyze things from my perspective.

Sinem Kara

From actress to comedian

Sinem Kara had dreamed of becoming an actress since she was four and was auditioned for the highly acclaimed program in Theatrical Interpretation at Lionel Groulx College.

“My parents thought I was joking when I said I wanted to be an actress. They were concerned that it wasn’t a stable job, but I prepared them well and they didn’t stop me from starting. »

However, the passionate artist decided to change course when she was offered few interesting roles after graduating from theater school in 2014.


The theme of cultural differences recurs in the aspiring comedian’s numbers.

“I loved being an actress, but I hated waiting after the audition for someone who matched my profile. I’ve only had veiled female roles for shows like A killer so close or terrorist roles. It seems you always have to justify why someone is ‘tanned’ on TV,” she admits, half amused, half discouraged.

Always drawn to the world of humor, she enrolled in evening classes at the École Nationale de l’Humour in 2016, an extraordinary experience that challenged her personal barriers, especially when it came to presenting her numbers in bars.

I never said [à mes parents] that I’m going to a bar, I said that I’m going to the theater. When I came home after 10:30 p.m. at 27, I had an interrogation.

Sinem Kara

Despite cultural and financial obstacles, his determination and dream of becoming a key figure in humor has never been shaken. “You have to be a little crazy to do stand-up. Yes, there are pitfalls and sacrifices have to be made, but the pawns in my life were well placed for me to do this job,” she adds.

A very first solo

Just for Laughs hired her shortly after her marriage to Turkish-born filmmaker Onur Karaman in 2018, then she opened both mic nights and galas.

Sinem Kara has been active in the world of humor for five years and since participating in the ComedieHa! experienced a real boom last year. by Rachid Badouri and Fabien Cloutier. She also excelled at Laurent Paquin’s recent Just for Laughs gala.

In addition, the audience was able to get to know her better on the show. The next uprising on Noovo ether in 2020.


The 32-year-old comedian has made her name mostly on the show The next uprising in 2020.

Sinem Kara will take to the stages of Monument-National on July 16th and 20th to present his first-ever solo show, treating audiences to new material. “There might be some baklava…” she says, grinning.

Tickets for the Sinem Kara show are available on the Zoofest website.

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