Philippe Bond has been accused by a comedian of being a rapist and he staunchly denies it

It’s brewing in the midst of Quebec humor!

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While participating in the recording of a podcast at the Emerging Humor Festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Thomas Levac lost his temper, went to the front of the stage and repeatedly claimed that Philippe Bond was a rapist, according to a video posted on the YouTube channel QC shovel.

“Philip Bond! “Who wants to get into my chariot?” Han! It’s good, han! Philippe Bond, he is a rapist! He invites women into his car and you don’t let them out. Never forget that,” says Levac, who is also a podcaster in addition to his work as a comedian.

“I don’t care. This man doesn’t impress me. Screw Philippe Bond!” he adds before returning to his seat, while both the crowd and the other guests look stunned.

In the excerpt published on YouTube, he gives no further details about the rape or rapes he alleges Bond.

Obviously, these allegations are not to be made lightly, and it is too early to predict the sequence of events that should draw much virtual ink over the next few days.

A few hours after the video began circulating on the Internet, however, Philippe Bond publicly responded to these allegations.

In a message published simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram, he calls the story made public by Levac “false” and protests his innocence.

“In recent years, many testimonies have been circulated that tell terrible stories. No victim deserves what they went through, and unfortunately there are many other serious stories that remain in the shadows. There is also an untruth about me that was recently made public by a comedian. Today I get up and scream my innocence loud and clear,” writes the comedian from the start.

He then says that he has never been an aggressor, never will be, and will not allow himself to be accused without defending himself.

He concludes his message by saying he will take legal action.

For his part, Thomas Levac did not react publicly this Wednesday.

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