Couple Pedophiles: The woman will point out that she was under the domination of her spouse

The wife of the couple who allegedly filed a babysitting complaint to sexually abuse the children they babysit will claim she was under her spouse’s domination and will defend herself at her coercion trial.

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In February 2021, the Quebec City Police Service’s Underage Sexual Exploitation Unit had managed to thwart a Machiavellian plot that aimed at the assault of a child by a Quebec couple.

Guy Boutin, 48, and Julie Blackburn, 33, have been arrested and charged with a rarely brought charge of orchestrating a sex offense against a child.

The couple reportedly had a plan years ago and then posted an ad on the Kijiji website to offer babysitting services.

The aim was therefore to interfere in families and sexually attack the children under their responsibility.

Pictures of a naked girl

The evidence shows that Julie Blackburn did, in fact, babysit a six-year-old girl and sent 11 nude photos of the child to her spouse.

The defendant’s attorney, Mr.e Louis Belliard, does not deny that these photos found in Blackburn’s cell phone are child pornography and that it is a production.

He also does not deny that the 811 photo files found in the couple’s home are child pornographic material, although the defense attorney has said he will challenge ownership.

coercive defense

Me Belliard therefore indicated that he would present a compulsory defense as he believed his client was under the rule of her spouse Guy Boutin and was “therefore not responsible” for the charges against her. An expert was announced who met the accused at the trial.

During her arrest, the woman was interrogated, during which she surrendered herself to investigators for more than four hours.

An additional sodomy charge was brought against her in connection with this statement.

Julie Blackburn has been held at the Leclerc Institution since her arrest.

His trial will take place at the end of September. Guy Boutin’s trial is set for April 2023.

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