Saint Lambert | Dare does not know when she will close the Whippet Cookie Factory.

Still mired in uncertainty, the staff at Dare in Saint-Lambert denounce the attitude of the owner of the Whippet biscuit factory, who is once again postponing the closure of the place.

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Julian Arsenal

Julian Arsenal
The press

The plant in Montreal’s southern suburbs was due to close in August, but the company just changed its mindset without offering a new deadline for the hundred or so employees who remain in office.

“The workers are not happy,” said Sylvain Gagné, representative of the International Union of Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco and Milling Workers (BCTM). You can’t wait to move on. »

He says the news was announced by Dare on July 5. According to Mr. Gagné, employees with several years of service chose to remain in their positions in order to receive their severance pay at the time of the closure, which was announced in 2019.

“They want to get these sums, otherwise nobody would be there,” added the union representative.

The fateful date is repeatedly postponed by society and the workers are fed up with waiting. Employees who do not wish to be named for fear of reprisals have come forward The press to express their dismay and hurt their employer.

“All employees are shocked and frustrated by the situation,” stresses one worker. We’re trying to plan our future, but once again we’re stuck in the works. We find ourselves once again in the unknown without knowing what is happening. »

Mr Gagné indicates that a meeting with Dare is scheduled for Thursday. Responsible for communications within the company, Sydney Dare confirms in an email that activities are being expanded.

“We will communicate [à nos employés] a new deadline as soon as possible,” she emphasizes, without justifying the new deadline.

The closure of the factory means the end of whippets made in Quebec. The popular marshmallow and chocolate biscuit was created in 1901 by the Viau biscuit factory. Production has to be moved to Ontario.

However, this will not be the end of Dare in Quebec, which is increasing its presence in Sainte-Martine in Montérégie, where Grissol branded rusks and croutons are made.

The company is expected to expand its plant, which is home to around 80 union members, by at least 930 square meters. According to the construction site opening form, the construction costs are estimated at at least 5 million.

“This is super good news,” Sainte-Martine Mayor Mélanie Lefort said in a statement. We know that there will be a new production line that will make a new product. It is a multi-phase project. »

Dare has not given any further details about what will be produced in the new part of the factory at this time.

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  • 1963
    Year of the inauguration of the Saint-Lambert plant. Once closed, it will have to be demolished to make way for residential development.

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