Mélanie Maynard is open about her age difference with her spouse

Mélanie Maynard showed during her last stint at The other lunch at the next table, where she addressed the age difference between her and her spouse, among other things.

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The seventh episode of the third season of The other lunch at the next table brought together Mélanie Maynard and Vincent Graton. If the duo first wondered why they’d been paired, they quickly discovered that they had multiple hook-atoms, like the fact that they’re both in a relationship with a younger person.

Vincent Graton, in a relationship with France Beaudoin, who is 10 years his junior, explained that he’s used to being in a relationship with women his own age, but that France is simply “the most amazing woman ever”.[il avait vue] in life” and that the gap wasn’t a problem.

For her part, Mélanie Maynard did not hide the fact that, in her opinion, it is different for women. She mentioned that she had to “work on herself a lot” to keep people’s comments off her back.

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“It beats more for a woman. At first it was very, very difficult for me to accept that I had fallen in love with a man who was 13 years my junior and who was also Spanish. […] I have some “she got herself one” jokes. boy toy”, ”the cougar”, so chic! Even I joked about it before the others made it so much that I felt vulnerable,” said Children of TV’s new co-host.

She adds, “In the beginning, I always used the metaphor, ‘For me [mon amoureux] it’s like my pajamas”. My pajamas are the clothes I feel most comfortable in. I said to myself: ”These are my pajamas, they have to be hidden”. But it’s so offensive to him! Even worse after that, I asked myself, ”Why can’t I be sane because I’m scared of what people will say?””.

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When her interlocutor asked her what prompted her to “let go” in this relationship, the 50-year-old actress confided that her lover made her realize many things about herself.

“This guy is like he came here to show me who I really am. He didn’t know Mélanie Maynard as a personality, he didn’t know her mother, he didn’t know the actress. He knew nothing about that. We met talking to an Englishman for a year and a half. We spoke to each other in metaphors, but there was a connection…” she began, casually adding that the chemistry between them is still so strong eight years later.

Remember that Mélanie Maynard, after years of keeping her identity a secret, only decided last year to reveal the identity of “her handsome Spaniard” during an interview with her two girls in the morning. Since then she has remained discreet, but is no longer afraid to share snippets of her everyday life, for example on vacation.

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