Celine Dion sick: The singer makes a big announcement to her fans

Celine Dion has been away from the spotlight for many months. In question, an illness that forced them to cancel their concerts for 2022. According to recent information, it seems that she is preparing to return to the stage.

Missing for months

September 2021 was the last time we heard from Celine Dion. At the time, she wanted to make a sad announcement to her fans that she was speaking out. In fact, she regretfully announced the cancellation of her concerts. The dates should take place in Canada this year 2022. His fans were saddened by the news, but they eventually understood.

The world star of music suffered from a pathology. It was severe muscle pain. It was said that she could not stand for very long because of her pain. She followed appropriate treatment prescribed by her doctor. In addition, she had to rest for a long time. Reason why she has completely removed herself from the media scene in recent months.

She never gave up

In recent years, the global music icon has been through all sorts of hardships. First, life made her a widow by taking away her husband, René Angélil. As if that wasn’t enough, she was subsequently plagued with all sorts of illnesses.

In fact, as a reminder, René Angélil’s widow has already disappeared from the scene for several months. She was afflicted with an illness that prevented her from singing. A disease that had affected his vocal cords. Thankfully, Celine Dion got away with it. We can even say that the experience she went through made her stronger.

However, the bad fate of life continued to hit the star of music. In fact, Celine Dion fell ill again in 2021. Which in turn kept him away from the stage for many months. Despite this, she never gave up. New releases of late are a testament to its strength.

Celine wants to go back on stage

After several months of recovery, Celine Dion seems to be in great shape now. She also wants to start her career again now. It’s even said that Jean-Jacques Goldman’s boyfriend has already set foot in the studios. She certainly doesn’t want to waste any more time to please her millions of fans. The latter are obviously impatient to see their favorite singer again.

Celine Dion would be involved in a big project. In fact, Jean-Jacques Goldman would consider releasing a new album. A new album called L’Héritage Goldman. This is obviously a 2nd volume, since a 1st edition has already been published. Celine Dion would take part in this new edition of The Goldman Legacy. A great way to celebrate his return. Remember that Céline and the emblematic interpreter of “Pas toi” have been friends for a long time.

Back on stage soon

It is a great joy for her fans to know that Celine Dion is preparing to sing again. In addition, in a project prepared by Jean-Jacques Goldman. In announcing this news, the singer didn’t fail to tell her fans the date of her return. In fact, she plans to return to the scenes in 2023. That means fans only have to wait a year to see their star back in the spotlight.

Celine Dion has always shown fighting spirit. This is undoubtedly what her fans value most about her. When we hear one of his songs, we feel that a kind of positive aura emanates from it. Which invigorates and restores dynamism. That makes Celine Dion an outstanding artist.

However, members of the singing community still worry about her. Not much is known about her health. In the last photo we saw of Celine Dion, she sported a disturbing mine. It was on Mother’s Day. We sincerely hope that her condition has improved since then and that she can resume her activities.

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