Festival d’été de Québec: historic show for rapper Loud

What was barely possible not so long ago is coming true tonight: a Quebec rapper will headline a concert in the Plains of Abraham.

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Credit where credit is due, it’s rap keb’s most popular exponent, the guy who sold a Bell Center and a Videotron Center, that gave the Festival d’été de Québec the mandate to host this historic carte blanche evening . .

Loud has been around for a few weeks and admits he’s only just beginning to realize that this concert will mark a turning point for Quebec hip-hop.

“Hopefully this is the first of many. I think there are others who can too. The public is also made there,” slips the one for whom the plains seemed unreachable for a long time.

“In my mind it was reserved for the Paul McCartneys and the Bon Jovi of this world. Early in my career it wasn’t even on the radar. It was too big. »

The right to be ambitious

Loud already had a small idea of ​​the magnitude of a show on the Plains of Abraham during the FEQ, when he delivered the first part of the US rapper Future in 2018.

At that time he rode the wave of success of his debut album, A record yearand bomb All women can dance.

“That night we realized that we had the right to be ambitious and that those goals were achievable,” he says.

Tribute to local rap

Carte blanche in hand and helmed by the renowned Marcella Grimaux, he intends to present a retrospective of his career that will include his solo albums, his collaborations and other projects in which he has been a part.

Loud says he took the symbolic importance of the event into account when developing his show.

“There are references to Quebec rap. I want to pay homage to what came before me, to the genre itself. Whether we like it or not, we have to take that into account. I don’t want to just look at it as a look back at my career and put myself in the spotlight. »

Loud, tonight, on the plains of Abraham. Opening acts: 20Some, Rymz and Roméo Elvis.
his new album,
No promisewas launched on May 20th.

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