The Roots at the end of the FIJM: breathtaking!

Yes I know. In music we speak of performance. Performance in sports. But there is no mishap. What the band of the singer black thought and drummer seek love offered to the tens of thousands of festival-goers on the Place des Festivals is both a sporting and an artistic feat.

It is, of course, Laurent Saulnier, the program vice president of the FIJM who was in office on his last night, who presented the collective and not host Jimmy Fallon with whom The roots active since 2009 (Late night with Jimmy Fallon then The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon).

Once installed on stage, the collective has beautifully justified its name by going to the roots of everything that’s been best done over the last few decades and dressing it up with an irresistible blend of funk.

Battery powered seek love, the band’s signature horn section colored, wrapped and lit all the offerings. I say “special” because while the trumpet and saxophone are commonplace, the sousaphone, an instrument close to the contrabass tuba, is not. And demon Tuba Gooding Jr“,”text”:”Tuba Gooding Jr”}}”>Tuba Gooding Jr. Bryson is quite a phenomenon.

While The professionalsHe jumped side by side with the guitarist “Captain” Kirk Douglas. Not once or twice… A dozen well-felt jumps, as is the case Escaped with the red hot chili peppers. Have you ever tried lifting a snorkel? Later during the concert we saw him waltzing with his instrument alongside his colleagues. This guy has cardio worthy of an athlete.

Damon Bryson, also known as Tuba Gooding, Jr., displayed remarkable energy despite his massive instrument, a sousaphone.

Photo: Spectra/Victor Diaz Lamich

Originally from Philly, The roots are worthy – modern – representatives of the school of Philly soul who saw Luke The O’Jays, The Delfonics, The stylistics and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. They are also very familiar with everything they have encountered so far. You can therefore draw just as much from Tupac Shakur’s repertoire as kool and the gang and express train update the music of Manu Dibango (Soul Makossa) that Michael Jackson finished with do you want to start somethingon thriller.

At times it felt like attending a master class from a faculty that traced the origins of R&BSoul, hip-hop, funk and disco in a festive didactic course.

God it was jumping and dancing while listening Jungle Boogieappreciated so much by the fans from the very beginning kool and the gang that of the generation that discovered the song in pulp fictionthat during Made my choice Where you are the one for me.

And that’s just us for the first 20 minutes. It would slow down, of course… Not for a second. With his powerful voice, ultra-fast phrasing, precise diction and a flow Thunder, black thought monopolized all eras of yesteryear and his own as a bonus.

Tariq Luqmaan Trotter sings into a microphone.

Tariq Luqmaan Trotter, also known by his stage name Black Thought

Photo: Spectra/Victor Diaz Lamich

title like Continue brought hip-hop to the fore without, however, fading away from the melodic contribution of the brass, sometimes as jazzy as it was funky. The double stamp forms What they do and next move raised the concert – as if it were possible – to an even higher level. Trumpeter Dave Guy and saxophonist Ian Hendrickson-Smith were impressive from the start, smoldering, bursting and frenetic throughout this sequence, which even evoked a nod to ska.

The omnipresent intensity then gradually led to a kind of musical explosion. Inspired, always with their feet on the ground and without a break, the musicians played all the songs and even jumped happily from one era to another. switch from Change (Make you want to rush)by Donald Byrd, on websitea composition of the collective, and dancing girlof rim shotsis said to go back 30 years from the 1970s to the 2000s and in the blink of an eye.

The final track was therefore unbridled, explosive and unpredictable with backfired interpretations Busta RymesJB’s, Curtis Mayfield – Legendary Further up – and a rock segment in which the guitarist Kirk Douglas thought he was Prince and Jimi Hendrix.

Behind all these beautiful people seek loveMetronome and dynamo at the same time, the tempo kept up for an hour and 40 minutes without a break, in short, until the only pause – of 30 seconds – before closing the deal at 11:15 p.m.

To be honest, I didn’t think we could even surpass the performance of Kamasi Washington who was in the same place last Saturday. And yet… The roots completely blew up downtown Montreal.

With and for Michel Donato

Michel Donato holds his double bass on a stage.

Michel Donato turns 80 next month.

Photo: Benoît Rousseau

Which party! The exclamation came from Michel Donato, somewhere two-thirds of the way into his concert at the Gésù, which aimed to mark his 80th birthdaye birthday, early evening. His assessment was correct. Essentially, we saw the essence of the Quebec Jazz Repertory Parade before our eyes that night, which Donato attended along with his friends.

Through the standards and original compositions proposed by the musicians present, in duo, trio or quartet we will enjoy a parade of pianists (Pierre Leduc, Lorraine Desmarais, François Bourassa, James Gelfand), wind instruments (Jean-Pierre Zanella, Yannick Rieu, Ron Di Lauro, Michel Dubeau, Frank Lozano, André Leroux), bass and double bass players (Alain Caron, Frédéric Alarie), drummers (Paul Brochu, Pierre Tanguay) and a guitarist (Robert Ménard). We hope not to forget anyone…

There was even François Dompierre, who hardly appears in concert anymore, who came at Donato’s request for a solo performance and some memories of the time he knew Donato in 1963. Stanley Péan, who wrote a book about the life of the bass player, came to set the tone for the book, revealing a few anecdotes along the way. We can’t wait to read this.

At the finish line it was both plentiful and lacking, for there was so much talent on this stage, Donato’s guests were just as happy to be there as the double bass player, who turns 80 next month, was welcomed to them.

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