Julien Lacroix cancels his return to the stage

What was set to be Julien Lacroix’s big comeback on stage, two years after he faced multiple allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, will ultimately not happen, the comedian announced on his page. Facebook.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have to cancel the planned event for this week. Serious threats directed against members of my family, among others, and the organization of a demonstration compel me to do so, he wrote in a Facebook post. I don’t feel like a high-tension evening where people who bought tickets risk being confronted. »

This return to the stage, announced last Wednesday, was to take the form of recording a podcast in front of a limited audience of 25 people. You should not receive the address of the event until 24 hours before it is held. The comedian planned to return to the stage on July 12 to celebrate his two-year sobriety. He also claimed that all proceeds go “to the prevention of alcoholism and [de] Substance abuse among adolescents.

Lacroix confirmed that viewers who had purchased a ticket and the 25 available tickets had also flown away in a matter of hours would be contacted via email and refunded. “I, too, must face facts, although personally I have been willing to confront the music, both on social media and in person, all the uproar this event has caused is having a serious impact on those who love me close,” he regrets.

The announcement of this return, almost two years after the publication of a survey by Have to in which nine women testified that they had been victims of the comedian’s misconduct or sexual assault, sparked polarized reactions in Quebec. The comments below Lacroix’s Facebook post illustrate this dichotomy, with several netizens regretting the cancellation of the event while others are delighted.

The one who was a big comedy star in the province retired in the summer of 2020. In January 2021, he had attempted to speak publicly on social media for the first time and said he was “following a long therapeutic process” to overcome his addiction to alcohol. In a full-length video broadcast from The duty in December 2021 he had expressed his desire, finally realized last week, to reconnect with his audience.

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