Delivery of turbines for Nord Stream 1 | The United States joins Canada

(OTTAWA) The United States is supporting Canada’s decision to circumvent its own sanctions against Russia by sending turbines for the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany.

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Melanie Marchese

Melanie Marchese
The press

US State Department spokesman Ned Price issued a statement Monday supporting Canada’s controversial decision to issue a “limited-time, revocable permit” to ship six turbines installed at Siemens Canada facilities stuck in Montreal.

“The United States stands united with our allies and partners in our commitment to advance European energy security, reduce our collective dependence on Russian energy, and keep up the pressure on the Kremlin,” it said.

“Against this background, we support the Canadian government’s decision to return a natural gas turbine to Germany for use in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline,” adds Ned Price, arguing that this will allow Germany and other European countries to replenish their gas reserves.

European countries will thus be able to “increase their energy security and resilience and counter Russia’s efforts to militarize energy,” the spokesman continues, assuring that Washington and its allies like Canada are determined to support and support Ukraine to ensure that Russia’s economy suffers from the sanctions.

The waiver granted by Ottawa has embittered Kyiv.

“This dangerous precedent violates international solidarity, contradicts the rule of law and will have only one consequence: it will increase Moscow’s sense of impunity,” the Ukrainian foreign and energy ministers lamented on Sunday.

The Ukrainian-Canadian Congress also sharply criticized the waiver as a sign of “surrender to Russian blackmail”, which contributes to “the fact that the coffers of the Russian state budget continue to be filled with European money that is to be used to finance the genocide in Russia against the Ukrainian people”.

Dozens of people also expressed their displeasure on Sunday in front of the town hall and in front of the Siemens Canada plant, Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse.

The owner and operator of the 1,200-kilometer pipeline between Russia and Germany, Gazprom, is on Canada’s list of companies targeted by economic sanctions. The company argued that without this equipment, a reduction in volume would be inevitable – a version disputed by Kyiv.

As soon as the equipment arrives in Germany, Siemens Energy will ship it to Russia “as soon as possible,” a company spokeswoman said The press. For this transfer to Russian territory, he has to obtain an additional exemption, this time from the sanctions of the European Union.

“Our experts are currently working tirelessly on all further formal and logistical approvals. This includes, among other things, the export and import control procedures required by law,” explained the German energy giant.

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