Abortion: Letter to Mrs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Dear Mrs. Ruth Bader Ginsburg,

If I allow myself to write you this letter, it is to once again pay my respects and to share with you this pain and revolt that is being spread in the world today. Madam, how we miss you! I wonder what your advice would be, you who were such a brilliant attorney, jurist, judge, you who were appointed a member of the United States Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton, you who were a committed feminist .

Your opinion
interests us.

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You have barely left 2020 when your country, the United States, is gripped by an unprecedented regression. In fact, we thought we had done away with old-fashioned, paternalistic ideas for good. We were ready to continue our solidarity efforts in the world so that girls and women have access to an adequate education, to a decent, independent and gender-fair life.

And we find ourselves back at the beginning. Because a tsunami devastated your beautiful country. Because it risks approaching the shores of all the beaches in the world. Because it delays equality between women and men. Because it risks undoing all advances made in relation to humanity. Once again, women’s bodies no longer belong to them. It must procreate even when death threatens, even when conception results from rape, even when personal elements are involved.

Then the revolt rumbles. So fear spreads. Did we sneak into an episode of The Scarlet Maiden, Margaret Atwood’s famous novel, published in 1985 and broadcast as a television series in 2017? As in this fiction, are we witnessing, over time, the birth of a society divided between reproductive slaves and dominant decision-makers?

We must not veil our faces: in the American states that are “erasing” the image of modernity, girls and women are once again becoming second-class citizens; we can prevent them from learning, we can kidnap them to hurt them, reduce them to a “form” of slavery, to non-consensual marriage or couple obligations, with complete impunity; man becomes lord and master again.

We are therefore literally in an incredible situation: women, young girls, very interested in computers and social networks, have to “mute” their cell phones, their computers, so as not to be betrayed by the technology that could announce pregnancy Abortion decision, an unexpected step. They find themselves practically transported to the Middle Ages, waiting for someone to give them back the key to their chastity and fertility belts. Their bodies no longer belong to them. Neither does your freedom. In addition, it is good to remember that even the best birth control has its “mistakes” and that the body has secrets that thwart any strategy, even medical ones: refusals to get pregnant are a striking example of this.

Since I’ve been writing articles since I’ve been writing books on women’s progress, I call on the “old continent” to take action in this area as well. In my test female success (Editions Vitamines, Belgium, Brussels, 2014) I take up the idea that Europe could make abortion “a European right”, which would prevent multiple and unpredictable regressions in the countries of the Community. All sensitivities, all convictions would be respected. Political and religious considerations would thus give way to respect for women’s fundamental right to freely dispose of their bodies. I remember that on December 10, 2013, the Portuguese socialist MEP Edite Estrela had proposed voting for her report on abortion in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but it was rejected: the defenders of this text “ [dénonçaient] the victory of “obscurantism”. (Jean Pierre Stroobants, Strasbourg rejects abortion as “European law”., Le Monde, Thursday 12 December 2013, p.6) A European abortion law would make it possible to avert a return to punishment and regression. It would create appropriate gender parity, marked by respect and consideration across Europe. Abortion would no longer be a shameful subject of political negotiations. Incorporating abortion into the constitutions of any Member State that wants it is already a big step forward, but we still need to go further, but we need to step up our efforts to protect women across Europe too. The community is finally getting down to business: it needs our full support.

Today, in the 21st century, anger is once again brewing in your beautiful country, Madame, because it has become apparent that in too many countries women are again being viewed as beings incapable of judging, reflecting, too decide, and that they are “punished” as minors, if necessary with terrible penalties, if they do not respect the law. The same applies to doctors who would undertake such an act. Furthermore, we must not overlook the fact that disadvantaged women who do not have the means to go to a state that allows abortions will be the first victims. Not to mention the potential mortality. In fact, human history has proven it: we could never prevent abortion, and secrecy again threatens to lead to a dangerous trade, immeasurable suffering, mutilation, death. The prospects are frightening.

So it’s high time that the whole world respects half of humanity represented by girls, women. Everyone has their own conscience. Everyone decides according to their conviction. The law must prevail over personal beliefs. It must be fair and impartial. He must unite. We cannot overlook the fact that many men today, in contrast to the past, firmly support their partners, their daughters, their granddaughters in this revolt and are demonstrating with them for equality, for the future of society as a whole.

Madam, you are an inspiration. Her words, so powerful, still resonate strongly today: If I am sometimes asked when will there be enough [de femmes à la Cour suprême] ? And I say “If there are nine”. People are shocked. But there had been nine men and no one ever asked about it. » You are always right: we need to update the institutions created by men that do not take into account the specifics of women. This is not a question of feminism: it is a commitment to equality.

You also said correctly: Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that draws others to join you.” So, ladies and gentlemen, I hope that my words and those of the politicians, of the demonstrators around the world, will find a resonance that will make it possible to strengthen the insurgency in your country, because we have to persevere in order to legislate achieve that institutionalizes respect, equality in society, because we must finally bury pastism. Forever. In order to achieve this, there is therefore an urgent need to finally bury the outdated laws inferior to women and to enshrine fair legislation that advocates equality and solidarity. The world must no longer remain silent. I believe we can do it. We will get there.

Speaking of abortion, that’s what you said too “The government does not have to make this choice for a woman”. The depth and accuracy of your words must still and always resonate around the world. We have to take into account all these women, all these girls, also all these men who are demonstrating in your beautiful country. These principles of equality must be affirmed everywhere and ingrained forever.

Madam, with respect and honor I once again salute your commission on behalf of all girls, all women here and around the world.

Anna Gold, author of female success and D’news published by vitamins


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