Maroon 5 on the Prairie: a winning streak from start to finish | QEF 2022

Only the cities of Quebec and Orlando were spared. The real reason? We do not know yet. But it’s a safe bet the group has no regrets playing the Plains of Abraham in front of a sizeable crowd that spread to the other end of the site. A few courageous young teenagers were already waiting in front of the gates of the entrance to the Sacrifice Cross early on Saturday morning.

The group brown 5 Arrived on time, to thunderous applause. Unsurprisingly, Adam Levine and his band planned the coup: To start with one of their biggest hits, Moves like Jagger.

From the first notes the crowd had already raised their hands in the air and sang in unison I got the mooooooves like jagger. Like a wave heralding the beginning of a musical storm, thousands of festival-goers swung their arms from side to side.

Singer Adam gave it his all on the Plains of Abraham stage.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

It’s clear, brown 5 knows how to play with the crowd. Adam Levine takes up all the space and uses the stage as a big playground, even if that sometimes means you get out of breath while singing. But hey… that’s easily forgiven. Except maybe the few times when the singer wanted to push the tone too hard and the voice got out of joint.

The big titles followed one after the other: One more night, Animals, makes me wonder, Wait, cards.

Halfway through the show, it was time for Adam Levine to take a break. He did this to address the audience and tell them how grateful he was to be here. Accompanied by his two guitarists, Levine sang payphone. Thousands of phone screens then lit up in the hands of festival-goers, taking over the levels. A sweet moment.

A festival-goer gets carried away by the music.  She has her eyes closed and seems to be enjoying the Maroon 5 show.

Festival-goers sang along to Maroon 5’s many hits at the top of their lungs.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

Supported by a sequence of images in the background and a multicolored play of light, the staging remained sober but effective.

The show ended with a string of encore hits: daylight, memories, she will and sugar. Until the very end, the festival-goers hung on the singer’s lips and applauded him for a long time.

Singer Adam Levine sings into his microphone.

Levine is at his best on the Plains of Abraham stage.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

The group, founded in 1994, shines all over the world. We owe them the beginning of their success after the release of the album songs about jane released in 2002, and especially the song this love which the band performed at the beginning of the show.

Gayle: A 100% accepted attitude

Gayle has energy left! At just 18, she’s dominating the stage, guitar in hand, like there’s no tomorrow. Backup of the show just before brown 5 at this age it ain’t nothing. His stage presence caught the eye. And what about his impressively powerful voice?

Singer Gayle holds her guitar in her hand and looks at the audience

Singer Gayle performed just before Maroon 5.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

Assumed rock, pop tones and punk twists, the audience was won over. Especially when Gayle decided to take out the Quebec flag and then drop a few words in French: “,”text”:”Bonsoir Québec – Comment ça va! “}}”>Hello Quebec. How are you?!

The American singer presented the tracks from her EP A Study in the Human Experience, Volume Oneand of course the single that drove him digitally around the world, ABCDEFU, on memory.

The interpretation of children’s pool was a beautiful moment of his performance. Sitting at the edge of the stage, Gayle showed us that she can also sing fluently. His departure was met with thunderous applause.

Challenge accomplished for Alicia Moffet

The fiery Alicia Moffet had the energy in the right place for the night’s second performance. The Québec singer definitely knows how to act on stage and, most importantly, has a poignant voice.

Accompanied by her four musicians and two dancers, she presented the songs from her album Billie addition to run to you, Lullaby and bad from his latest EP entangle.

Alicia Moffett.

Alicia Moffett

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

The influencer, who has more than 420,000 people following on Instagram, definitely has talent: she cleverly mixes pop sounds and melodies that stick in our minds. Moffet was also visibly happy to be singing in her hometown: I am at home here!She called.

Alicia Moffet is a voice to float with and perfect accuracy even in the highest notes. She showed us that she can go far and that her music can transcend borders.

Dizzy, floating for the ears

The evening started with the very young Dizzy (Katie Munshaw), a young group that made us feel intimidated from the first notes on stage. The Ontario artist, however, let herself go after a few shy looks at the audience and a strained glass of wine, which also got her bogged down after the show’s first 15 minutes.

Dizzy is a gentle introduction, an introspective pop we hear by the fire on a summer evening. A great discovery!

Singer Dizzy waves a heart to the crowd

Dizzy Opening Maroon 5

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc Andre Turgeon

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