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did you like your consolation You will understand that I am referring to Canadian. What is certain is that the Gorton-Hughes duo did not stand idly by in the first round.

Why talk about Gorton? you will say

Because we forget that he’s the big boss of hockey operations and has the power to make decisions.

The American from Boston has the best managerial job in town. He doesn’t need to talk to the media.

Michael Rousseau has to envy him.

Now let’s talk about the design.

Despite one cuvée described as ordinary, this year’s auction is no different from previous ones. In four or five years we will be able to make a judgement.

And that also applies to Juraj Slafkovsky.

Generation players are the only ones who go through the gate unchecked.

A Nanan for the little people

And now I’m talking about it, aren’t I?

It has become such a ritual that colleagues have come to pass the towel and no longer pay attention. The whistleblowers get helped or they get fired off the rocks.

you see me coming

Well, I’m referring to the complete lack of respect the Canadian has for Quebec players and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League in general.

Only one Quebec player from the QMJHL was picked by the Canadian, going so far as to insult him and draft him in 216e Rank, as if to say to the good guys: “Here, here it is, yours Nanan. »

Miguel Tourigny and his family were over the moon and with good reason. But fans will identify him as the only Quebecer in the 2022 Canadian vintage. The young defender at the Acadie-Bathurst Titan didn’t deserve that.

We wish him a good career.

Whether it’s with the Canadiens… or any other NHL team.

I was about to forget.

As a bonus, the Habs gave us a Franco-Ontarian named Cédrick Guindon, who speaks French and is a goaltender from Alberta French named Emmett Croteau.

Quebec ducks

A competition journalist, whom I consider primarily a friend, used the language of the company – I call it Canadian – to explain that the Quebec players who could interest the Montreal organization might not have been available at the time it was his turn to speak.

I’m saying the Habs had enough bench choices to pre-empt their draft contracts. He might have been able to compromise with the Anaheim Ducks, who play on March 22e Choice of the first round.

The Ducks have drafted in Quebec Remparts’ big center Nathan Gaucher, the same who said of Montreal this week: “I think I can handle that pressure and I would face that challenge with my eyes closed. »

Two other Quebecers, tall right-handers Noah Warren and Tristan Luneau, both from the Gatineau Olympiques, were acquired by the Ducks.

Ducks recruiting guru Martin Madden Jr. and his Quebec recruiter Stéphane Pilote obviously had something to do with it.


Another thing: I can’t blame Trevor Timmins this time. Martin Lapointe, who shares the title of Recruiting Director with Nick Bobrov, is from Quebec. However, he lives in Chicago.

Does he participate in QMJHL games?

For his part, Bobrov had previously worked for Gorton at Rangers.

Does Gorton listen to him more carefully?

Stop laughing at us!

So let’s tell the Canadian the truth once and for all instead of leading us to believe that he obviously has a keen interest in the QMJHL.

Worse still, there are fans who say it’s no big deal and only winning matters.

I remind them that next year it will be 30 years since the Stanley Cup was paraded on the streets of Montreal and the next parade is not on the horizon. .

I hear conscientious objectors say I ramble. But I’ll hang in there and sign.

From big to small

Juraj-Slafkovsky’s selection delighted fans who wanted the Canadian to add weight to his attacking staff. The Slovak left winger is 1.80m tall and weighs 218 pounds. When fully grown, the Slovak left winger could weigh 230 pounds.

The acquisition of Kirby Dach should also pay off, although it doesn’t look like a big point producer.

But have you seen the sizes of the other attackers the Canadian has drafted in the past two days?

Here is the list:

Philip Mesar : 5 feet 10 inches, 174 pounds

Owen back : 5 feet 11 inches, 187 pounds

Lane Hutson : 5 feet 8 inches, 158 pounds

Cedrick Guindon : 5 feet 11 inches, 170 pounds

Jared Davidson : 5 feet 11 inches, 179 pounds.

Of course, these youngsters will gain weight over the next few years, but they won’t become steamrollers either.

It will take more brawn to win the Stanley Cup.

Awesome look?

Everything is analyzed nowadays, even small things.

Yesterday morning we were able to see photos of Shane Wright on social media as he climbed the railing on Thursday evening.

Netizens said they saw a murderous expression on his face towards the Canadian table.

Maybe that was it.

What is certain is that the Kingston Frontenacs center should be fired up for years to come as he faces the Habs, Devils and Coyotes, the three teams that ignored him in Friday night’s first round.

The youngster got quite a slap in the face. It’s not often that a player who finishes first in the draft loses a few spots. If Wright didn’t see it coming, he should take it as good wake up call

In the meantime, circle December 6th and January 9th on your calendar. These are the dates of two matches between the Canadian and the Kraken.

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