Lane Hutson’s growth is stunted due to a bone problem

Many jumped for joy when they heard the selection of 62nd place Canadian Lane Hutson. The attacking defender has been compared by some to Quinn Hughes and Torey Krug. Not bad…

Also, if you want to read a more in-depth analysis of the player, you can consult my colleague Félix Forget’s text on the subject.

Hutson had a great season in the US development program. However, he slipped in the draft due to his smaller height of 5’8 and 159 pounds.

But Hutson could grow a little longer. Indeed, a report from an endocrinologist at the combined the NHL has revealed the Illinois native’s bones have a lag.

It’s about my bone age. It’s been postponed by a year. My bone age is 17 and my biological age is 18 so I have room to grow… It’s not the height I’ll be in a year.

So this is good news.

On the one hand, a gender diagnosis must be very scary and that is understandable. At least the diagnosis is made and Hutson was able to pinpoint the problem affecting him.

In addition, the young man expects to grow a little more:

From what the report says I think I have two more years to go and I think I can get two to three inches out.

So that’s another great news. So he could add another two or three inches to his current frame.

We agree that there is a great defender between 5’8 and 5’11, especially as a defender.

Aside from Krug and Jared Spurgeon, very few defenders who are 5’9 or under have made it to the NHL. The odds are therefore against Hutson. However, if he manages to gain a few more inches, his chances of making the premier league would increase drastically.

The left-handed progression curve will be fascinating to follow for years to come. Ideally, it must also add some muscle mass.

But if he gets a couple of good seasons at Boston University, he’ll become one of the Habs’ top prospects. His very offensive and unique profile within the organization could make him the quarterback the club has been looking for.


– Very right

– Good

– At least he will have adjusted the Alouettes (partially).

– That would be a big deal for Tampa.

– Very good!

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