Kirby Dach wants to use Martin St-Louis’ advice for a “fresh start”.

Yesterday, the Canadiens surprised almost everyone by sending Alexander Romanov to the Islanders in a bid to snag the 13th draft pick…which ended up being just the missing piece to get their hands on Kirby Dach.

And since both of these exchanges were announced simultaneously in front of a crowded Bell Center during draft, I don’t need to tell you that people reacted to them.

Following this transaction, Dach spoke to the Montreal media this afternoon and it was clear: he wants to enjoy a fresh start with CH. With inconsistency and injury punctuating his Chicago journey, he wants to put it all behind him and start fresh.

But clearly if he wants to reach his full potential he needs to be put in the right conditions and be able to correct his weaknesses. However, Dach is excited about the idea of ​​working with Martin St-Louis and believes he can get the best out of him.

When we say that “the Martin St Louis attraction” actually exists in Montreal, that’s good evidence.

Also, let’s talk a little about what could make Dach reach its full potential. Because yes, roof has nice flashes, but he still needs to correct some facets of his game. Here are the main ones:

1. The point that stands out a lot from yesterday is that Dach, a middle player, is absolutely miserable in the faceoff circle. He won just 32% of his tackles in this facet of the game last year, putting him last in the NHL. It takes work but it’s clear he’ll probably never excel at this level.

2. The other thing that has been mentioned since yesterday is that he seems to be struggling to convert his goalscoring chances. He’s very good at creating some, but in terms of completion, it looks like Artturi Lehkonen if he’s unlucky.

3. Despite his imposing size, Dach seems to have trouble using it to his advantage in the offensive zone. He would normally prefer to get rid of the puck rather than play through contact near the opponent’s net. Maybe it’s more of a trust issue than a playstyle, but hey.

4. I was also told that similar to Jesperi Kotkaniemi, Dach is losing frequently balancing on his skates.

But despite everything, Dach also has great qualities. As he learns to use it, his size becomes a huge strength and he can do some great things in possession of the puck. He can also play shorthanded and, if he is well looked after in Montreal, could become the big center that is so coveted by the Swiss.

Martin St-Louis did a good job with Cole Caufield last year but Dach will be another big challenge in 2022-23. His development certainly slowed in Chicago, but given the right conditions, he can still achieve the potential seen in him when he was drafted third overall in the 2019 draft.

I would like to say that the Canadian in Dach may have just gone to a player who looks a bit like Jesperi Kotkaniemi: great potential, but consistency needs to be found and qualities better used (Dach’s assist, Kotkaniemi’s shot). . The comparison isn’t perfect, but I don’t find it bad.

In short, we will see if roof (who wants to try to learn french) will thrive in Montreal, but at least he’ll find familiar faces in Montreal, including that of his “good friend” Kaiden Guhle. Hopefully both will be important pieces of the future at CH.


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