Julien Lacroix, two years later

It’s been two years since comedian and actor Julien Lacroix was the victim of allegations of sexual assault and misconduct.

Julien Lacroix has also been sober for two years.

To mark his two-year sobriety, Julien Lacroix announced on Tuesday that he would be recording a podcast next week. This is known as walking back on tiptoe.

But for some, even this hesitant return to public space is too early, too big and, above all, too “at the wrong time”.


When Julien Lacroix announced his comeback, many pointed out that he had chosen his moment poorly. Why ? Because Quebec is shocked this week by this engineer’s story of a sexual aggressor who obtained absolution.

But the comparison doesn’t stand up.

A dozen women contacted The duty two years ago claimed to have been kissed by Julien Lacroix without her consent and one claimed to have been sexually assaulted. But none of the applicants have so far lodged a complaint with the police. So no charges were brought against Lacroix and none of the claims made about him have been examined by the courts.

“In less than 5 days I will be celebrating my 2 year sobriety,” Lacroix wrote on his Instagram account. As I have been consuming since I was 12 it is a great pride. »

The duty contacted some of the women who had testified two years ago and one of them made such a chilling testimony that I am reproducing it in full.

“What impresses me about Julien’s uninhibited return is the timing and the situation he finds himself in.

“Johnny Depp has won his case, abortion is banned in several US states, and a woman from El Salvador has just been sentenced to 50 years in prison after her baby died in childbirth. The backlash after #Metoo is amazing and I see Julien’s return as part of an international anti-feminist movement. It worries me a lot. »

Why a return “without complexes”? The guy won’t rent the Bell Center or the Place des Arts! He will record a Q&A podcast in front of … 25 people and will donate all profits “to organizations dedicated to preventing alcoholism and drug addiction among young people.”

How is the relationship with Johnny Depp (who won his case against Amber Heard)? This young woman testifying The duty seems to have a strange opinion of the judiciary. And what is the relationship between a Quebec comedian and an actor who has never been the subject of a police investigation and has never been charged or defamed with domestic violence in the United States?

What is the relationship between US Supreme Court justices barring women from abortions and a comedian podcasting in front of 25 people?


And one last question: How is it anti-feminist that a person who has never been tried, who has undergone therapy, who has lost all their contracts, comes back two years later for an evening, at around an hour with twenty people to talk? ?

Who decides when and how Julien Lacroix can reintegrate into society?

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