Germany | Women unwittingly drugged at Social Democratic Party convention

(Berlin) At least nine women who took part in an SPD party were drugged with so-called “rape drugs” in the presence of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the SPD announced on Saturday to the AFP news agency.

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Mr Scholz’s party co-leader Lars Klingbeil said he was “shocked” by the affair.

“It annoys me that something like this can happen at an SPD event,” he added to the daily newspaper. The worldand wishes that the perpetrator or perpetrators be arrested and prosecuted.

“The excitement is great,” said a spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group AFP, confirming information from the Berlin daily. daily mirror.

The Berlin police are investigating serious bodily harm after a 21-year-old woman has filed a complaint against X.

“I advise all those affected to file a complaint,” wrote an employee of the parliamentary group, Katja Mast, on Twitter.

Nine victims have been listed so far, but the spokesman for the parliamentary group did not rule out that there are more.

In an e-mail to the participants of this summer party, which took place near the chancellery on Wednesday, the SPD denounced “an outrageous act that we immediately reported to the Bundestag police”.

Around a thousand people took part in the traditional SPD party before the summer break, including the Chancellor, a member of this formation, but also many MPs and their employees.

“It was an internal event. They could only enter by invitation,” the spokesman said. “There are still many uncertainties, the police are investigating”.

In a press release, the Berlin police, which speaks only of a “summer party of a political party”, said that they had been alerted by a 21-year-old young woman who had no memory the day after the event that evening.

She then went to the hospital for a medical examination and filed a complaint.

During the party, the young woman, who consumed food and non-alcoholic drinks, felt uncomfortable, especially with nausea and dizziness.

Police said they have been informed of four other cases so far.

“Date rape drugs,” which generally cause nausea and dizziness, refer to various mind-altering substances that are usually poured into people’s drinks and then abused through violence, theft, or sexual assault.

In 2021, in Berlin, a city of celebration and sometimes excess, 22 cases of “rape drug” assaults were recorded by police, according to the daily Berlin newspaper.

However, the actual number is likely to be much higher, as many victims have little memory of their attack or are ashamed to report it.

In addition, clubs, discotheques and other festival venues in the capital remained closed for most of the year last year due to the pandemic.

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