Consolation by Frédéric Brunet | Help from Patrice Bergeron

Kent Hughes has often praised the leadership of his former client Patrice Bergeron. “The most modern leader I know,” he has already told us.

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Guillaume Lefrançois

Guillaume Lefrançois
The press

Add Frédéric Brunet to the list of those who can attest.

Brunet is an 18-year-old defender, Rimouski Oceanic color holder who was claimed at 132e Rank of Repechage, Friday. It was the Boston Bruins who drafted him for one of those stories where life gets things right.

That’s because Brunet trains at PEPS in Quebec in the summer and Bergeron is one of those he lifts cast iron with. “I met him once. I was embarrassed talking to him, it’s not easy talking to an experienced player,” Brunet said in the Bell Center interview section on Friday afternoon.

“So he was the first to speak. He must have sensed that I was embarrassed to speak to him, the young man continues. I told him what I thought of the draft, that Boston was the team that showed me the most interest. We talked for five or ten minutes, that helped calm me down a bit. He just said good luck to me and that changed everything. You never forget words from players like him. »


Patrice Bergeron

Brunet is a defender, not a forward, although Elite Prospects site lists him in both positions. “I played a game as a striker last year because we lacked players! ‘ he explained when informed of the error. Nevertheless, like many other players, he admires Bergeron.

It’s amazing to have a presence like him in the gym. There aren’t two guys like him in the NHL, let alone a Quebecer. He knows what he’s doing, he means it. I always watch him at the gym.

Frédéric Brunet, on Patrice Bergeron

The connection with Bergeron amused Ryan Nadeau, co-director of Bruins amateur scouting, because Brunet did not mention the number 37 in interviews he conducted with scouts from Glen Featherstone’s former team.

“Several Francophone Quebecers we meet will mention Patrice during our interviews,” reveals Nadeau. But others avoid it. You may be afraid to compare yourself to him. We haven’t talked about Patrice yet, but now that we know, maybe we will! »

A project

Seriously, Nadeau seemed intrigued by Brunet, who was claimed in his second year of eligibility. In 2020-2021, the 18-year-old athlete was limited to 9 points in 33 games. He slipped offensively that season with 46 points in 63 games.

We’ve been following him for a while. His offensive production has greatly increased. We really liked his progress and he added defensive aspects to his game.

Ryan Nadeau, Bruins Co-Director of Amateur Scouting, on Frédéric Brunet

The Bruins also invited Brunet to their Montreal hotel for a last-hour interview late Wednesday afternoon, the day before the first round. The young man also had his very first job interview with this team. “It’s with Alain [Bissonnette, recruteur des Bruins au Québec] that I had my first job interview. When I saw him at the microphone, my heart started beating faster. I heard my name in French from a Quebecer in Montreal. It was wonderful! »

Brunet also boasts an impressive family background. He’s one of the many players in this draft who grew up surrounded by elite athletes, as revealed in a robust build by our colleague Alexandre Pratt.

“We don’t want to exaggerate the scope of genetics. He’s the one being fished out, not his family! warns Nadeau.

“His brother is trying to go to the Olympics, his father and uncle were there. When you grow up in such a competitive environment, it comes with determination. It’s probably more of a good story than a real postman, but it certainly doesn’t hurt him. »

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