Canadians: Cedrick Guindon, a Franco overjoyed in Montreal

MONTREAL — The Canadian drafted two French-speaking players on day two of the repechage at the Bell Centre. The first, the Victoriavillois Miguël Tourigny, was not there to seize the moment. The other, Ontario’s Cedrick Guindon, showed enough enthusiasm for two.

A native of Rockland, about forty kilometers from Ottawa, Guindon was over the moon after the CH made him their pick for the fourth round, the 127e total Friday.

“I’ve been here for two days, I had a chance to see what kind of city this is. We walked around, we went to restaurants, we met people. It really tells me what to design in Montreal for Montreal. It’s perfect, honestly. It’s a perfect day. »

Guindon said he grew up encouraging senators, “but the older I got, the more I realized French culture was important,” he explained. “Montreal suits me really well. I realized that before I was drafted here, so hearing my name and putting on the jersey is a feeling I’ll never forget. »

If he was having such a hard time controlling his joy, maybe it was because he’d spent the first half of the day damming up his emotions and controlling his expectations to protect himself from potential disappointment.

“All year long you hear all sorts of things about the draft. It’s easy to create scenarios, I told myself that. So I had to be realistic. When the third round started, I stuck to my mentality. I told myself that I would support the guys I knew. I texted them even though I knew they weren’t on their phone. When the fourth round started and my name hadn’t come out, I said to myself, ‘Well, maybe we should start listening a little more’. The more names that came up, the more I thought it was a possibility. »

“When I saw the Canadians coming, I said to my brother, ‘Montreal will choose me, this is mine feeling. Worse mine feeling, it was as I thought. »

In fact, a quick glimpse into the past suggests it’s been a long time since fate linked Guindon with Montreal. When he was drafted by the Owen Sound Attak two years ago, he received a message on his Instagram message from a veteran who welcomed him to the team. This elder was Nick Suzuki.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, I was so excited. Obviously he had no idea who I was. I recently created the link! »

Had Suzuki given him any sign of life since following in his footsteps to Montreal once again?

“I haven’t checked my phone yet. Maybe I should, huh? replied Guindon, laughing heartily.

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