Alex DeBrincat ‘shocked’ to be traded

Sharpshooter Alex DeBrincat was aware of the trade rumors swirling around him, but he was still shocked to learn he was leaving the Chicago Blackhawks organization to join the Chicago Senators.

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It’s unusual for a two-year-old writer to be traded at 41 goals. All the more so when he is only 24 years old and has one more season under contract. DeBrincat admitted he was surprised when the deal went through.

“My immediate reaction was shock, as indicated by the American via video conference, whose comments were taken up by the Chicago Sun Times. I had heard rumors but you don’t expect it to happen.”

DeBrincat was possibly the Hawks’ best player last season. Despite the Illinois organization’s troubled season for various reasons, the winger still managed to score 41 goals and 78 points.

The former 2016 second-round pick was stunned that he didn’t become a cornerstone of the Blackhawks’ rebuild, which won him three draft selections.

“I was willing to stay in Chicago for a long time,” he continued. That’s how I perceived it [la suite de ma carrière].

“I have never been traded in the past, no matter what league. I usually stay on the same team. It’s a very different experience for me.”

Before starting the new chapter of his young career, DeBrincat wanted to thank the organization that gave him his first chance in the premier hockey league in the world.

“Chicago was like a second home to me. I got married there and became a father there. Thank you for supporting me in everything.”

Ready to play important games

In five seasons in the National Hockey League (NHL), DeBrincat has only played nine playoff games in 2020.

“I hope to play important games in Ottawa,” he said. I hope I will be an exciting player for the fans, scoring goals and being successful.”

“My goal is to win a Stanley Cup and I hope to achieve that here.”

DeBrincat will join a group of young and talented forwards in Ottawa led by Tim Stutzle, Brady Tkachuk and Josh Norris to name a few. He has already trained with the latter since they are both from Michigan.

“I am very excited to join this young group and build something special,” he added.

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