Will the Wardens’ Waltz make it to Jake Allen?

We had been warned. We had to prepare for one Goalkeeper carousel this summer. It’s often like the off-season, but the summer of 2022 seemed even more auspicious for a change of address for the Cerberus on the circuit.

And exercise, there was a lot of that on the net for NHL teams.

Marc-André Fleury has signed a contract extension a year two years with the wild yesterday…

Alexandrar Georgiev joined the Avalanche from Rangers yesterday…

Petr Mrazek was sent in Chicago…

town, village Husso (blues) was traded (slash given) to the Red Wings this morning. He has Quickly signed a three-year/$4.75 million per season contract once it became property of the Wings…

Vitek Vanacek (Capitals) has just been sent to the Devils. Eventually, the Capitals decided to build around Ilya Samsonov, who no, will not be sent to Montreal…

who else is in limbo ? Darcy Kuemper, Jack Campbell, Matt Murray and possibly John Gibson.

Who else is looking for a guardian? Buffalo (where Matt Murray refused to trade there), Toronto, Edmonton and Washington. At least…

Will Jack Campbell finally stay in Toronto after Mrazek’s departure?

According to Frank Seravalli, Joe Sakic reportedly told the other 31 NHL teams that he was willing to trade the rights to Darcy Kuemper for a long-distance pick. No, he will not be returning to Denver.

Keep in mind that according to the latest rumours, Kuemper is targeting a six-year/$6million-a-season deal.

All of which brings us (again) to the Canadian and Jake Allen…

Last night Kevin Weekes hinted that we need to look at this Jake Allen file. The Capitals, Oilers and Devils were reportedly interested in Allen.

This morning, Weekes returned to offense, tying Allen to the Sabers and Oilers (and John Gibson to the Capitals).

But Darren Dreger came to set some oil Water on this fire just minutes after the second tweet of weeks. With uncertainty still lingering over Carey Price’s knee, it would be highly unlikely that Kent Hughes would sacrifice Jake Allen. The Canadiens aren’t in destroy-everything mode like the Blackhawks, hehe… and that’s a good thing!

Can a team like the Oilers who tried to take over Allen meetingcould he deny Hughes an offer he could refuse? It could be… but it would surprise me greatly.

I don’t see the Canadian starting the season with a duo Montembault-Primeau. Really not!


– Benoit Groulx should not join André Tourigny in Arizona.

– It was really very touching.

– Tony DeAngelo (51 points in 64 games with Carolina) was traded to the Flyers and then immediately signed a two-year contract extension ($5 million per season). Remember that a year and a half ago in New York he was persona non grata.

– Coincidentally, the Hurricanes have lost many players since the start of the offseason.

–The Penguins are reportedly trying to free up accounting millions to sign Evgeni Malkin…or other players starting next week.

– The Ducks went for Quebecers with their first two decisions.

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