The Magic of Reunion signed Charlotte Cardin | QEF 2022

The mild weather and lack of other shows certainly meant there were a few more people in attendance, but all credit goes to the queen of recent Juno Awards.

Before she went on stage, part of the audience was already chanting her name.

From the first notes of passive-aggressive, Charlotte Cardin sailed onto the stage like a fish in water in front of a flood of spectators.

The singer-songwriter offered an expanded version of the show, which she presented at the Imperial Bell in the spring.

Charlotte Cardin is in charge at the Festival d’été de Québec.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-André Turgeon

Although the stage at the Festival d’été is much larger than that of the rue Saint-Joseph hall, Charlotte Cardin’s trio was in control.

Since FEQ’s opening night was not a regular touring show, Patrick Watson slipped onto the singer’s piano bench during the piece. To sneak. They performed together I’ll leave you notes by Watson et al diamonds by Rihanna.

After the confetti rain on Meaningless, Charlotte Cardin returned for two encores. She devoted herself girl hand to his mother whose birthday it was. The show ended with everyone who loves me supported by a choir.

Charlotte Cardin was the perfect transition between last year’s 100% Quebec program and the return of international artists.

A Kickstarter called Jessia

It was this young British Columbia artist who was responsible for opening the stage on the Plains of Abraham. Accompanied by a drummer and a guitarist, the trio formula brought out the rock side of his pop-heavy songs, which at times recalled a certain Avril Lavigne.

The singer sings and points away with her left hand.

British Columbia-born artist Jessia opened the Festival d’été de Québec 2022.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-André Turgeon

Speaking of wolves, halfway through her performance, Jessia continued the ride I’m with you in a version that hardly differed from the original.

With over 900,000 subscribers tick tockthe growing crowd in front of the stage didn’t seem to intimidate him, on the contrary.

Whoever won Reveal of the Year at the last Juno Gala was a wise choice to reignite the celebrations on the big stage.

The singer puts her right hand on her microphone while singing.  She carries her guitar over her shoulder.

Lennon Stella at the Quebec Summer Festival.

Photo: Radio Canada / Marc-André Turgeon

The energy went up a notch with a calmer performance from Lennon Stella. Surrounded by three musicians and two singers, the 22-year-old artist spoke little to the audience, who by this hour had already stormed the Plains.

Alongside songs from his latest album Three. Two. one. Lennon Stella has covered two hits: Somewhere only we know by Keane et al Thanks from dido. She recorded the latter, which she released on listening platforms in March.

Despite a flawless performance, the memory of his passage was gently swept away by Storm Cardin.

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