The best poutine is at… Yamachiche!

The best poutine would be in Yamachiche in Mauricie, as a TikTokeur noted in a video posted June 24 after touring the province in search of the best poutines.

Since then, curious people from all over Quebec and other parts of the country have flocked to Les Couleurs de la Terre farm to try the dish, which earned a 10 out of 10 rating.

Whoever gave the poutine the perfect score never thought it would trigger this monster craze.

“My goal was simply to find the best poutine in our beautiful province and share my journey with people. I never thought I could have such an impact,” confessed TikTokeur who made the video, Niko Atsaidis.

According to the co-owner, the potato would make this poutine a hit.

“In our humble opinion, the potato in poutine is often a little overlooked. So we’re really going to use grades that sinter well. A fries that stays as golden and crispy as possible, that doesn’t soak up oil, so we don’t want soft and greasy fries,” Patricia Claveau told TVA Nouvelles.

The potatoes grow right on the farm and there is a wide range to choose from, as there are 35 varieties. It’s all about picking the best ones that change with the seasons.

While the farm usually sees around 200-300 people per day from Thursday to Sunday, the number of visitors has increased to 2,000 customers per day since @niko.atsaidis posted.

The company had to adjust its cheese order to meet demand.

The whole family also pitched in to make up for the lack of workers.

“Usually one person has time to do several things while there everyone has done one thing, either washing dishes, blanching potatoes, slicing potatoes, or making or serving poutines,” explains Guy Fradette, co-owner of the farm.

Among the 100,000 people who saw the video, many even came to try the poutine on a Thursday lunchtime.

The Colors of the Earth Farm in Yamachiche also works in recreational tourism. Activities such as visiting animals, hiking on forest trails and children’s playgrounds are possible on site.

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