NHL draft: Noah Warren and Tristan Luneau meet Nathan Gaucher in Anaheim

Jokingly, Noah Warren and Tristan Luneau imagined a scenario where they would be drafted by the same team in the NHL Draft. We have to admit it was a premonition.

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The two Gatineau Olympiques defensemen were picked in the second round with 11 picks by the Anaheim Ducks.

At 42, Warren was the first to hear his namee th place, then the Ducks announced the selection of Luneau with the 53e selection, a few minutes later.

“We talked silly about it, imagining we were meeting at the same club. That’s where it really happens. It’s really fun,” Warren said.

long-term relationship

The two defenders have known each other for a long time. They met at the age of 10 while playing hockey together over the summer and then represented Canada at the 2019 Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne. The following summer, Luneau became the first-choice of the Olympiques’ QMJHL draft, then the organization added Warren to their roster with the eighth-choice overall.

“It seems like we’re still the same kids who played hockey at the Montreal summer tournaments when we were 10 or 12. I feel like reliving what we lived when we were young. We’re at the hotel in Montreal to go to an event, but it’s just a bigger scene there,” Luneau said.

The two friends will therefore remain teammates even among professionals. However, they will probably have to fight together for a job at the big club in the next few years.

“It will be the same situation as in Gatineau. We can take what’s happening on the ice apart and [de] Don’t let this affect our friendship. Healthy competition is important in a team. The next training camps will have the same competition.

With left-handers

The day before, the Ducks had grabbed another Quebecer, Quebec Remparts forward Nathan Gaucher, with the 22e total choice.

The California team has not hesitated to step onto the Quebec court in recent seasons and the presence of assistant general manager Martin Madden Jr. and scout Stéphane Pilotte has certainly helped.

“It certainly helps that Martin is a Quebec resident as there is no shortage of viewers of these players. If a Quebec Scout has no support other than their opinion, it will be difficult to make the final decision to go in that direction. There is also Martin Madden Sr. who remains in Quebec,” explained Pilotte.

For the latter, however, the origin of Gaucher, Warren and Luneau is pure coincidence.

“We’re arriving with Pat [Verbeek, le nouveau directeur général de l’équipe], which gives us specific commands related to a player model it wants to build around. It’s rare that we have so many big boys early in the repechage in Quebec, but what happened this year was that it was all the boys that fit the order we had from Pat. It was a perfect match.”

QMJHL player selected

1 (22) Nathan Gaucher (Quebec) Anaheim

1 (29) Maveric Lamoureux (Drummondville) Arizona

2 (42) Noah Warren (Gatineau) Anaheim

2 (53) Tristan Luneau (Gatineau) Anaheim

3 (81) Samuel Savoy (Gatineau) Chicago

3 (94) Jérémy Langlois (Cape Breton) Arizona

3 (96) Jordan Dumais (Halifax) Columbus

4 (116) Angus Booth (Shawinigan) Los Angeles

5 (132) Frederic Brunet (Rimouski) Boston

5 (134) Vsevolod Komarov (Quebec) Buffalo

5 (140) Jake Furlong (Halifax) San Jose

5 (145) Patrick Guay (Charlottetown) Vegas

5 (152) Marc-Andre Gaudet (Bathurst) St Louis

5 (153) David Spacek (Sherbrooke) Minnesota

5 (161) Maxim Barbashev (Moncton) New York (Rangers)

7 (216) Miguel Tourigny (Bathurst) Montreal

7 (220) Alexis Gendron (Blainville-Boisbriand) Philadelphia

7 (223) Dyllan Gill (Rouyn-Noranda) Tampa Bay

7 (225) Ivan Zhigalov (Sherbrooke) Colorado

* Quebec’s David Goyette (Sudbury, OHL) was claimed by the Seattle Kraken in the second round

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