Many services are unavailable due to an outage at Rogers

In a press release, Rogers admits he experienced a fallout wired and wireless networks and work are working hard to restore services as soon as possible.

On behalf of the entire Rogers team, we sincerely apologize to our customers and will continue to update you as we have more information to share, including when service will be restored. We thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. »

A quote from Rogers press release

Services from telecommunications companies that use Rogers infrastructure such as Fido, Chatr or Tbaytel in Thunder Bay cannot be used either.

Number of Rogers subscribers by service:

  • Wireless Subscribers: 11,297,000
  • Subscribers to Internet access services: 2,665,000
  • Ignite TV subscribers: 788,000

Source: Rogers Annual Report 2021

The specialist company’s breakdown tracking tool Criterion digital shows reports of network outages across the country, including those in urban areas of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and southern British Columbia, as well as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Outage reports released by Rogers subscribers Friday morning affect most urban areas in Canada. This map shows the situation at 7:20 am.

Photo: Criterion Digital

The Minister for Innovation, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, indicates that his team is in contact with Rogers. We have expressed the importance of this situation being resolved as soon as possiblewe can read in a press release published shortly before noon.

Affected Card Payments

Businesses also say they are having problems with their credit or debit card payment terminals.

Customers of Tim Hortons, Home Hardware and McDonald’s point out that the Interac payment service does not work there.

In a press release, Interac assures its service is currently not available online or at checkout. Interac e-Transfer is also largely unavailable, affecting the ability to send and receive payments.

The front of a supermarket with a message from the store.

A Zehrs supermarket in Windsor has issued news that its card payment system is down due to Friday’s outage.

Photo: Radio Canada/Marine Lefevre

Air Canada, public transport services Metrolinx in the Toronto area and OC Transpo in Ottawa or Confederation Bridge are among the companies that have communicated about the difficulties related to the glitch.

In Toronto, it is not possible to pay for parking with a card and take a shared bike Bike sharing Toronto. No unpaid parking fines will be imposed for the duration of the outage.

Difficulty reaching 911, 311 in Montreal is inaccessible

While 911 call services remain operational, several Toronto-area police departments say Rogers subscribers who wish to contact this number may not be able to do so.

In particular, police in Peel, west of Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg advise calling from another phone provider or landline, or even going directly to the police station.

Several Ontario police services are warning users not to test their phones by calling 911. This blocks our system for people who need emergency assistancesaid the London police on Twitter.

In Montreal, the 311 call service is not accessible, the city said on the same social network. Residents who need it are invited to their services on their website.

An adverse effect everywhere

It’s pretty extraordinary what’s happening this morningcomments Jacques Sauvé, Cybersecurity Advisor at Trilogiam.

The network is down, so there is something important [qui] is adversely affecting the population everywhere with a major disruptionhe says, hypothesizing a device failure or a device configuration error to explain the failure.

People focused on their computers in a coffee shop.

Enlarge image (New window)

Torontonians affected by the outage at Rogers rushed to coffee shops across the city to connect and get on with their work day.

Photo: Photo submitted by Hirotaka Yamashiro

However, it does not exclude the possibility of a cyber attack. But for now, we just have to wait for news from Rogers. Mr. Sauvé also criticizes the lack of transparency in the company’s communications.

It frustrates people. In the cybersecurity community we say all the time whether it’s a device failure or misconfiguration, not necessarily a cyber attack, transparency is very important there to keep people informed »

A quote from Jacques Sauvé, Cybersecurity Advisor at Trigoliam

For his part, Minister Champagne says that he pointed this out to Rogers how important it is that the company communicates quickly and clearly with affected customers.

Many social media users took to Twitter and other internet connections to vent their frustration that Rogers was providing very little information to clients.

Last year, the company suffered another huge outage caused by a software update that left customers without service.

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