Formula 1 Grand Prix | Invalid tickets from Bell Media for an event… from Bell Media

Bell Media spoiled the Grand Prix for several customers of its website Shopico. The discount buying platform sold them invalid tickets for the Formula 1 race. Denied at the entrance to the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, they had to wait almost three weeks before receiving a refund promise… and they are still waiting for explanations.

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Hugo Joncas

Hugo Joncas
The press

In February, Christian Lacroix paid $400 plus tax for two tickets on The site is owned by Bell Media, as is Octane Racing Group, organizers of the Canadian Grand Prix held on June 17th, 18th and 19th.

Curiously, the “gift vouchers” received by email did not include a seat for him and his partner who was to accompany him.

“On the first day in the morning we saw that our tickets were rejected. After insisting, the person let us pass, he says. But when we got to the grandstand, the ticket inspectors didn’t recognize them. They said, “Look, you don’t have room. I don’t understand why you were let through. »

Christian Lacroix then meets other people with the same titles he bought on Shopico. Like him, they have no access to the stands. “The officials told us, ‘We don’t recognize these tickets. It’s not us, the sellers.” »


Christian Lacroix

He then contacts Shopico to reveal the error, but receives no response. “We raised the issue via email, phone, voicemail… there was no response. »

In the afternoon, Christian Lacroix receives an email from Florence Lamothe, Sales Coordinator at Bell Media.

“Today the Formula 1 Grand Prix starts! She writes. We’ve heard from the gang of many customers that QR codes for Shopico gift cards aren’t working. »

She says those in charge of the Grand Prix – employees of another Bell Media subsidiary – “are aware of the situation”.

“For those who have purchased gift cards at Shopico and [qui] did not receive their ticket by email; Please note that your request has already been submitted[e] to the staff of this event. We will get back to you promptly about your uncollected tickets as soon as we have received a detailed answer from Formula 1.”

radio silence

Almost three weeks later, however, Christian Lacroix still had no news from the two Bell Media subsidiaries…until The press asks the company questions on Thursday.

Public relations director Patrick Tremblay agrees the company’s response was inadequate. He assures that the management intends to refund the tickets.

“The fact that we spoke this morning means I’ll call everyone back as soon as we hang up,” he said. I will ask them if there is a way to contact the Lord. We’ll take care of it quickly. »

According to him, at least four other people had the same problem as Christian Lacroix and his partner.

However, Patrick Tremblay is unable to explain why a Bell Media subsidiary would not recognize tickets issued by another of its divisions. Nor the reason why nothing was done to allow customers access to the Grand Prix site.

“There’s a key person in there who’s on vacation and coming back on Monday,” he said. It’ll be settled next week, this mess. »

“Too little, too late,” says Christian Lacroix, who wants to lodge a complaint with the consumer protection agency. “They contacted me,” he confirms. I describe the nature of the weekend expenses. »

Between the cost of tickets, travel, restaurants, wasted work on Friday, and all that wasted time, he estimates the damage he and his associate suffered at more than $2,000.

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