Dominique Ducharme wants to return to the NHL

Dominique Ducharme has three Stanley Cup wins and would love a chance to bounce back.

Updated July 6th

Richard Labbe

Richard Labbe
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That’s the clear message the Canadian’s former head coach repeated on Wednesday morning in Joliette as part of his annual golf tournament.

“I still have the sting, that’s for sure,” he began by admitting. I’ve done this my whole life and I definitely want to return to the National League as a head coach. A year ago we were here in the same tournament and we were three wins away from winning the cup… My goal is to get the three wins that are missing. It’s a test at the moment and it will keep me growing as a coach. »

Ducharme still has two years of contract with the Canadians, so far no serious offer has been made to him, there have only been “talks”, according to the concerned headmaster, who also admitted to having rejected an offer from the Canadiens Saint John Sea Dogs shortly before the start of the last Memorial Cup tournament. “I want to come back, but under the right conditions,” he carefully specified.

What he would also have liked was a more elegant exit from the Bell Centre. Fired in February, Ducharme didn’t really get a chance to share his vision of things with the new bosses.

A bit of irony in this case: Martin St-Louis, his successor, was approached by Ducharme himself last summer for an assistant position.

It is certain that I would have liked to have had this meeting [le directeur général] KentHughes. At least to be able to convey my vision of things. But that’s okay, their decision was probably already made when they made the changes, and we often see it elsewhere too. People who arrive want their own world.

Dominique Ducharme

Finally, some Canadiens veterans, including Jeff Petry, mentioned a breath of fresh air at Bell Center after St-Louis’ arrival from behind the bench last winter, compliments that have often been interpreted as scolding the court Coach previously.

But Ducharme does not do this reading.

“I had a good relationship with the players… In the case of Jeff, it was a difficult situation for him; it was not easy for him with the start of the season and his family situation. There was maybe one aspect of the game that he wasn’t comfortable with, and yet we made that adjustment during the series against Toronto…Jeff started the season less comfortable with it. But there was nothing personal. »

In summary

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Joël Bouchard and Dominique Ducharme were respectively the general manager and head coach of Canada’s junior team at the 2018 World Cup. But they say they know no more than the rest of the hockey world about the sordid affair of alleged sexual assault. “In the weeks that followed I was asked if I had heard anything, but there was nothing more on my side,” Ducharme replied Wednesday. I had no other information. I attended the gala but did not receive any further information. »

Joël Bouchard made a similar statement. “I don’t know how the investigative process was conducted,” he replied. Until I know how it happened, I’d rather not talk about it. I have not heard anything. I’ve seen the same things as you on TV. I’ve seen a situation that’s not cool, that’s not fun, but I’d rather not tell stories: I’ve never told one and won’t start either. »

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