Assessment of COVID-19 in Quebec | 37 more hospital admissions, 16 deaths

Deaths and hospitalizations related to COVID-19 continue to rise rapidly in Quebec. The province on Thursday reports 16 new deaths and an increase of 37 people hospitalized.

Updated yesterday at 11:20am.

Pierre-Andre Normandin

Pierre-Andre Normandin
The press

The 16 new deaths reported Thursday bring the daily average calculated over seven days to eight. The number of deaths has doubled in the past week.

Quebec also reports an increase of 37 hospital admissions on Thursday. The 1,534 people currently hospitalized represent an increase of 19% over one week. In the ICU, the 43 patients represent a stable trend over one week.

The number of hospitalizations is likely to rise further in the coming days, with admissions outpacing discharges. On average, 34 more patients are added every day.

In addition to the increasing number of COVID patients, the staff shortages caused by the pandemic are also increasing the pressure on the healthcare network. Currently, 7,318 healthcare workers are absent due to COVID-19, whether in preventive rehab, isolating or awaiting results, which is 10% more than last week.

The 1,755 new cases reported Thursday bring the daily average to 1,351. So the trend is up 18% in a week. These numbers likely reflect only a portion of total infections due to limited access to PCR testing. In addition, the proportion of PCR screening tests positive for COVID-19 remains high at 14.5%.

In addition to the cases detected by PCR tests, 1,423 people who received a positive result of a rapid test have also come forward in the last few days. Self-reported cases, which are not included in daily reported cases, have increased by 37% over the past week.

The revival of activity in the vaccination campaign continues. Quebec is administering an average of 5,500 doses per day, or 51% more than last week. These are mostly people picking up their fourth dose and to a lesser extent their third dose.

So far, 83.5% of Quebecers have received two doses, but only 52.6% have received three and 14.6% have received four.

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